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Canon - A2000 IS Digital Camera

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Basic Camera, but still nice


This camera takes some nice pictures, although sometimes isn't so great in low light situations. It runs on AA batteries, which makes it easy to replace (I use rechargables) when you need to recharge your camera. No waiting for a charger to charge the battery. It has the usual automatic settings (I use most often) and a few manual settings. The camera itself feels durable enough that I keep it in my purse whenever I am out. Never know when you might want to take a picture! The solid body of it is the high quality you get from buying a Canon camera. I've noticed quality is usually better with this brand. If you need a basic, pick up and shoot camera than this one does the job well.


New Baltimore, MI


Great point and shoot camera!


I am thrilled with this camera, I really enjoy photography as a hobby and I have never really been satisfied with a point and shoot until now. I mainly use a canon rebel, but when I am on the go I like to take this because it is more compact and I don't have to worry about it getting damaged. The picture quality on this camera is great, you can adjust a few features yourself and I think it is easy to figure out the options fairly quickly. I like that I can use regualr AA batteries. Like any digital camera, it does use a lot of battery life so I just use rechargeables. I also like the zoom option, it is 6x zoom which is amazing! I have gotten some fantastic shots from nosebleed seats at baseball games! The camera is very solid, it feels sturdy and well made. The only thing I don't like is they delay in the shutterspeed. I think this is because I am spoiled by my digital slr, but I hate waiting for the camera to load. Another pro is the video feature, this is all I use for a video camera and I am quite pleased. 


Wayne, MI


The Canon A2000 is a great little camera


I bought the Canon A2000 IS to replace another digital camera. It's small, relatively lightweight, and easy to use. It fits in my purse or my pocket. I am pleased with the quality of the photos for all settings except at night; the shutter speed is just not fast enough to get a sharp, clear image in really low light. But the other settings have worked out well for me. The snow setting let me capture some great shots of the recent storms without a blindingly bright photo result. The dog and kid settings let me capture images of my family as they play without too much blur. I have had success with the fireworks and landscape/nature settings as well. I love the convenience of this little camera and virtually never leave home without it. I have used it to take literally thousands of photographs of friends, family, vacations...and I trust it to give me a result with which I am pleased. After this camera, I am definitely sold on Canon products and would definitely recommmend it to anyone looking for an easy to use point-and-shoot camera.


Chesapeake, VA


Canon Power Shot A2000 is a handy camera


I have a Canon EOS Rebel SLR Camera but wanted something I could just throw in my purse so I would have it with me for those unexpected needs.  This one has come through for me without any big disappointments.  I like that it does still and movie shots.  It has a good zoom feature as well and is simple to use.  I use the Auto mode for nearly all of my shots.  Unlike the Canon Rebel where I nearly always use the P (Program) mode.  I don't know why these seem to be so different on two different cameras for the same brand.  When I first got it I tried using it on the P mode and was very dis-satisfied.  But when I switched to using Auto, it has done very nicely for me.  It does take it longer than I wished to process the shot so that you can return and do another shot.  But that is about the only thing that I have been disappointed with in using it.   It takes a much quicker first shot than my old point and shoot camera did and the batteries last pretty well on it as well.


Mount Vernon, MO


Great little camera


We bought this after our 1-year old dropped our other canon. I really like that one and was looking for something similar and this was the closest we could get because the other one was discontinued. It runs on AA batteries which is one of my favorite features. I love that I don't have to wait for a battery to charge. With 3 small children there just isn't time for that. It's small enough to fit in my purse and durable enough to withstand toddlers. I have been more careful with this one than I was with the last one but stuff still happens. It's pretty easy to figure out, basically point and shoot. The one feature that I really miss from my old camera is the fold out screen. This one doesn't have one and it makes it trickier to take pictures of yourself with someone and also leaves the screen exposed instead of protected. The screen is nice and big though which makes viewing your pictures pretty easy. There is a red eye fixer that works ok depending on the severity of red eye but I've found picture editing software that works better. Overall, it a pretty good little camera and so easy my 4 year old knows how to work it.


Seward, NE


High Cost & Short Life Camera


First expensive digital camera purchase turned into a bad experience.  Using the factory supplied batteries, the first few months of pictures were professionally produced.  Recharged, or new battery replacement, this camera never worked well again.  And a little moisture near the top of the camera caused it to no longer operate with its power button.  It still will function if the auxillary power supply is used, but is useless for the intention it was purchased.  I recommend not buying this product due to expense of it, and its short life.  Having used Canon products for many years, I was surprised at how fragile this camera was.  And like most buyers, I thought purchasing Canon meant "long lasting", so I failed to get extended warranty coverage.  So by the time it failed, so had my warranty period ran out, so I've got a camera I can use only if all subjects stay within a three foot distance of an electrical outlet.


Tucson, AZ


Works great for a point-and-shoot, I love the extra zoom feature


I bought this camera three years ago and it has given me fairly decent results for a point-and-shoot.  Some of the drawbacks are that sometimes it takes a while for the flash to reload, so it is not as fast as I had hoped it would be.  I have seen people with point-and-shoot cameras that take pictures faster than this camera, so if you are looking for really good speed then check out some other options.  This camera has a 6x zoom which is nice for being able to capture things that are far away but still get a good, clear image quality.  The downside to the extra zoom is that the camera itself is bigger.  This isn't a terrible problem, but I cannot fit it in my pocket and usually have to hold it or ask my husband to put it in his pocket.  I love that the images are 10 MP because I can blow them up to use as decor in my home.  Also, you have to use the LCD screen when taking a picture because there is no viewfinder.  This makes it difficult when it's really sunny or bright outside, however the LCD screen is really big and good quality.     


Atlanta, GA


Really good quality and value for a point-and-shoot


This is a nicer point-and-shoot camera model. Canon is the brand I trust most for quality and reliability, and this camera has been good for the most part. The biggest downside is the slowness between taking pictures, particularly when using the flash. That lag is always annoying, particularly when you're trying to snap multiple pictures. However, there are lots of good attributes, and given the price I'd say the positives outweigh the negatives. This camera has a great optical zoom, much better than most cameras of this size and price range. This does cause the camera to be a little thicker than some point and shoot models, but it can still easily be carried in a purse or a loose pocket. It also has a really solid feel (you don't have to worry too much about crushing it). It has lots of good features and different modes for taking pictures in different settings. My wife is more into photography than me, and it's been pretty good for her purposes. The LCD screen is very big and navigating through pictures is easy. For the price, if you want a high-quality point-and-shoot, this would be a good choice.


Atlanta, GA


Takes great pictures!


I got this camera a few years ago for Christmas to replace the first one I got that Christmas (which was a Samsung). My dad took me to the local retail store and this is the one he chose for me to replace the first one he got me. It takes really good pictures. The thing I like the best about it is the fact that I shake a lot but with this camera you can not tell. At first I wanted a diffrent one but I am glad we ultimately chose this one.


Pisgah, AL


Canon Power Shot A2000 IS: Good Camera For The Price


Shaky hands? The Cannon Power Shot A2000 IS really helps with that. This camera was my Mother's Day gift to myself last year. With trying to juggle all the things moms with three children handle at once, Cannon's Image Stabilizer was a huge draw for me. It is a 10 megapixel camera with a 6x optical zoom. I will admit that I am a complete novice when it goes beyond pressing the button when it comes to cameras. I don't know my F-Stop from a stop sign, but I do know a beautiful photo when I see it and my Power Shot consistently does the job time and again. I was also glad to find out earlier this week that the video capabilities are wonderful! We were at one of the graduation programs at our twin's preschool and were glad to capture a short video of them singing including great sound! My favorite features are the wide array of settings which include indoor, outdoor, portrait, landscape and even kids & pets! The macro option only works with certain settings, so take the time to play around with everything. The only drawbacks were that it took time to get used to using the LCD screen as a view finder and I feel there is too big of a delay between shots. I also wish it came with an easier to understand instruction book.  


Fort Lauderdale, FL


Canon - A2000 IS Digital Camera

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