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Cannon - Vixia - HF G10

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Fantastic high quality HD camera!


Great camera with a lot of good entry level and mid level features. This camera takes high quality footage and is easy to use, and great for the Prosumer. Performance The picture quality is fantastic, and the ability to watch on screen makes it easy if you need to operate the camera and record at the same time. Battery Life The battery life could be improved but is very good for how many features it supports on the camera. Charging time isn't terrible, however I would like it if I got a bit more battery life Durability As with any camera somewhat of a delicate touch must be used as to not damage it, but ours has been knocked over and suffered only minor cosmetic damage to the housing. Ease of Use The menus are laid out well and all of the settings are easy to find. The advanced features have some coverage of how to/when to use them in the manual, but could be improved. Design Everything is easy to use with one hand on the camera, the body is compact yet comfortable in larger or smaller hands, and it is chalk full of features.



Cannon - Vixia - HF G10

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