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Dry Dog Food
CANIDAE Dry Dog Food

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Siberian Husky LOVES it


We had such a terrible time finding a food that my pups sensitive tummy could tolerate but we struck gold with Canidae!! He absolutely loves this food and it's one of the only brands we've found that he does well with. He suggests the lamb recipe.

Atlanta Georgia


Canidae Excellent Choice


Canidae is an excellent choice for dog food. They have both grain and grain free, dry and wet food and now special dog treats. Quality is excellent and reasonably priced. It is the only food I will give me dogs and they love it.

San Dimas, CA


Canidae dog food almost killed my dog.


Canidae dog food made my dog very ill.  She had eaten it for years and was fine with it.  There is now something in the food making many, many dogs sick.  If you are feeding your dog Canidae dog food and your dog begins to show ANY signs of illness, please try giving your dog a different food for a few days and see if the symptoms begin to disappear.  I don't want any other family to go through what we did.  Watching our wonderful dog deteriorate right before our eyes, never suspecting the dog food. 

New York, NY


canidae is the only food i will feed my dogs!


We have been feeding our boxer canidae since he was a puppy and he has such a silky shiney coat! We recently rescued a husky and switched her to canidae and she sheds less and her coat is more full and soft!!

Kuna, ID


Canidae Grain-Free is what I feed my shih tzus"


I have been feeding Canidae Grain-Free kibble to my shih tzus for approximately 6-8 months.  I have not seen any itching or skin allergies so often caused by the grains in processed foods.  If I am going to feed kibble, I am invested in finding something that does not cause all the health issues so prevalent in dogs today.  So far so good!  I think it's well worth the price, and the kids seem to be doing great on it....

Rainier, WA


CANIDAE Dry Dog Food

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