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Candy Kisses
Candy Kisses Lip Balm

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very tasty


i use this product for my lips always is 100/100 serviable you must buy it


Tastes like childhood


The watermelon flavor (the green and pink tin) was the only lip balm I used back in my childhood/middle school days. I can still taste it just thinking about it. I remember how soft this made my lips feel, and having to restrain myself from simply eating it straight out of the little tin jar it came in. The tin/jar itself fit perfectly in my palm. It only stood a quarter of an inch high, and the balm itself was soft. A little went a long way, and sometimes I accidentally got too much. I never tried any of the other flavors, so I can't really help in comparison, but I know the watermelon really did taste like watermelon (maybe a little sugary due to it being a lip balm). I don't think it did much for chapped lips, but did moisturize and make them shine. What I wouldn't give to have some right now!



Good Lipbalm for the price


The Balm itself is very smooth and not sticky. They come in great scents are are yummy too! I even found a lip gloss brush I can use with them so I don't have lip gloss all over my fingers (And then all over my jeans) The only complaint I have with them is that each one has a clear film on top before you could get to the actual balm. I have tried lip gloss better then these on many occasions but these aren't bad at all.

Lafayette, IN


Candy Kisses Lip Balm

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