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Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Obsession

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I got a sample of the product and wore it for the day. The fragrance was pleasent when first applied and then sustained a lighter fragrance for the rest of the day. I can't say it's long lasting  (which I would have preferred) but it was comfortable and a delight to wear.

Beverly Hills, CA




My husband started wearing this because it was the fragrance his father wore. His father has since passed away and one of the items that my husband's mother gave to him was his fathers bottle of obsession. It was much more than a fragrance and I think most smells are that way. Everyone always associates a certain smell with a person or place. For me that smell is obsession and that person is my husband. What could be better? Yes it is pricey but what fragrance isn't? I would pay any amount to have that classic smell in my house that has been passed down. My huband asks for it every Christmas (and you can usually find a pretty good deal around that tiem on the gift sets). I have tried it for women and didn't care for it much. I am stuck on the men's scent so I can't get used to the womens :) If you are looking for a classic scent that isn't too strong I would go with this one. You won't lose!

Stuart, FL


Great scent


The obsession line is clean smelling, with soft undertones of musk that is very appealing.  Folks that like an English leather scent will find this fragerance very nice.  I like the larger sized bottles, they last a long time.  Calvin Cline has both the aftershave and the cologne.  My husband prefers the after shave as he really does not like fragrance that over powers him, so we get the aftershave.  His choice of preference is English leather, but since we discovered Obsession, he admits to liking this scent a bit better than English leather, which he had used for years. We give this item a thumbs up!!

Tucson, AZ



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