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Calvet Decollette Pads

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Decollette Pads, really work!


The Decolette Pads from Calvert Cosmetics are designed to prevent the 'Chest Wrinkles' we get at night by sleeping on our sides.  These clear medical grade Silicone pads have a self adhesive backing which keeps the pad in place throughout the night. The very first night I used the pads I awoke with NO wrinkles & my skin felt soft.  Maintanance of the Pads is easy; requiring only to be wahsed occasionally with a moisture free antibacterial soap.  Each pad can be used upto 60 times and are suprisingly comfortable to wear.  Rarely have I found a product which actually does what it says it will do but the Decollete Pads do!

Lake Forest, CA


Calvet Decollette Pads

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