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CalorieSmart:  Handheld Tracking Unit

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Track your calories and exercise while on the run.


I am used to tracking my daily calories and exercise either through weight loss Web sites or by writing the information out in a journal. I was skeptical about the hand-held calorie tracker, CalorieSmart.  I didn't think I needed another piece of technical equipment to carry around with me everyday. However, I was totally impressed by the CalorieSmart unit. It is easy to use and small enough to put in a pocket or small purse. The CalorieSmart unit is able to calculate recipes (this is huge for me, because I never know how to count recipes), shows reports on your diet and exercise progress, holds personal information about your weight and goals and connects to your computer for added functions. Setting the program up to meet your needs and goals is a breeze with the simple instructions. I love my CalorieSmart unit and intend to use it to track my weight loss progress and goals from now on.

Milford, MI


CalorieSmart: Handheld Tracking Unit

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