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Calmoseptine Ointment

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Perfect for baby's rash


Both of my sons have a big problems with diaper rashes. I used the regular diaper rash creams which seemed to give some relief to them only to discover later they now have a yeast infection. Finally a doctor told me to use calmoseptine ointment. The doctor told me most creams are to oil based which can cause yeast to grow. The calmoseptine is a very dry based cream. It goes on easy enough and provides relief for the diaper rash and works as a barrier without promoting the growth of yeast. It is all I use now for my children. If you want to purchase it you have to ask at the pharmacy, it is only sold behind the counter. Performance I prefer it over all other diaper creams for my kids. Works very well to relieve diaper rash.

Hesperia, CA


this stuff is a wonder creme


my mother has ulcers on her heels and altimerzers and diebetic i put it on its accually pulling the ulcer blackness right off,unbeleavable.its a miracle drug in .works on diaper rash ulcers,even pimples.couldnt beal it.in ny its available at one pharmacy centralsquare ny parmacy ,for 8.10

Hastings, NY


Calmoseptine is AWESOME!


My son's bottom was raw, changing his diaper was a nightmare.  After trying everything over the counter and even a prescription, our pediatrician recommended we try Calmoseptine.  It is behind the counter at the pharmacy but does not require a prescription.  Calmoseptine was the only thing that worked.  If your child has persistent diaper rash that won't heal, I highly recommend giving this a try.

La Grange, KY


Calmoseptine Ointment

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