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Callaway Golf uPro GPS

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Best Golf GPS because it lets you see a satellite view.


The Callaway uPro is a great golf GPS because you can use it to see actual things on the course, via a hole overview.  It also changes holes automatically and does a flyover at the start of each hole to show you what you are doing.  

Racine, WI


uPro-fits in your pocket -- updated software


I bought my Callaway uPro about 2 years ago.  It was relatively easy to use out of the box.  However, I had to return it because something was wrong with the unit.  Callway sent me a replacement same day and asked that I ship the defective unit back.  I did encounter problems with the setup because my computer did not recognize it and would not sync automatically.  So customer service instructed me on how to place a "seek" icon on my desktop that I could click on so that my computer could recognize my uPro and direct me to my home page for syncing.  Unlike my husband's GPS, I don't have to pay an annual fee.  The basic courses are free to download.  You can also elect to download the ProMode courses using credits which you purchase in bulk.  The ProMode courses are usually 3 credits each.  The basic courses are digital, while the ProMode courses are flyovers.  You preview the hole as an aerial view.  In both modes, you can view where the hazards are and measure distances so you know how far you need to hit the ball to avoid the hazards.  Or check distance to the flag whether pin placement is forward, back or center.  You can also measure your drives.  With the updated software, the unit does so much more.  The only thing it doesn't tell you is wind direction and wind speed.  Also, with the updated software, the GPS tracks where you are and automatically highlights the course for you.  You also have the option to purchase the scoring mode where you can track your game.  Check out their website.  They have videos you can click on to learn more.   I still haven't used all the features on my uPro.  I'm more of a hands-on type rather than trying to read a manual.  Sometimes, I come across features by accident.  But I know if I really want to make full use of what my uPro can do, I will have to read the manual...maybe someday I will.  I bought the hardcase with the clip and I just clip it to my skort pocket or waist band.  The only drawback to the case, is you have to remove the case in order to charge the unit.  There is no cutout to plug in the cord.   I own another GPS, but used it only once.  At the time, it had more features than my uPro, but was too time-consuming to learn.  I really love my uPro.  It has all the courses I currently play.

Mililani, HI


Callaway Golf uPro GPS

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