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California Tan
California Tan Beach Bum Rum Tanning Lotions

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Great color but what's up with the gold shimmer?


I used to tan regularly but gave it up for awhile because I didn't have the time or extra cash to spend the whole thing.  I recently started tanning again and have been using *California Tan Beach Bum Rum Indoor Tanning Lotion *to help enhance my color.  I'm very happy with it and wouldn't hesitate to buy another bottle of it. This product is described as a "Caribbean Rum Maximizer with Bronzer" on the label.  *Beach Bum Rum* contains different ingredients which are designed to help you maximize your color such as: --Bronzextend Complex: an advanced DHA (self-tanning) bronzer that produces color within 2-4 hours --CuO2: copper peptide and oxygen complex that produces a darker, deeper color --TRF2000: increases oxygen and collagen production which increases color This tanning lotion is whitish-yellow in color and is loaded with gold mica.  It smells like a pleasant blend of rum and yummy sweet caramel.  It's easy to apply to skin but it contains a fair amount of the self-tanner dihydroxyacetone (DHA) so it is important to wipe off hands, between fingers, and ankles after application.  This product smells pleasant while you are basking in the ultraviolet light for a dozen or so minutes and continues to remain sweet and lovely even after a tanning session.  You don't have to worry about after-tan odor with this lotion! My big issue with *California Tan Beach Bum Rum Indoor Tanning Lotion* is the incredible amount of gold mica shimmer that it leaves behind on my skin after application and a tanning session.  My skin is literally covered in a gold sheen that, frankly, looks absurd on someone who is 30 years old.  If I had to go out somewhere after tanning with this product, I'd have to shower first to remove the mica from my skin.  Without the mica, this product would be absolutely perfect in my opinion. *Beach Bum Rum* is one of my favorite indoor tanning lotions.  The bronzers are strong enough to produce immediate color without turning my skin orange.  The accelerators and moisturizing ingredients help to produce a lovely brown tan, even in a base bed.  My big issue is with the gold sparkly stuff that it leaves behind on skin.  I don't like it and would prefer that it didn't linger behind after my tanning session.  Shimmer doesn't do it for me any longer.

New Jersey, NJ


California Tan Beach Bum Rum Tanning Lotions

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