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California Pizza Kitchen
California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust - Sicilian Recipe

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As good as the restaurant


This pizza is tasty, crispy and fast. The toppings are unusual enough to make it a treat while they're "standard" enough so you know what you're eating. Warning-this is not for vegetarians! This is heavy on the beef & pork, and all the associated yummy Italian spices. as a result of the heavy meat content the pizza is light on the cheese, but you probably won't notice. The crust cooks up super crispy, too.


Springfield, MA


Can't believe it's frozen.


I am not a big fan of frozen pizza, but do really like the CPK frozen pizzas. The toppings are very flavorful and the crust is great. Nice, fresh taste, not an out-of-box taste that you get with most frozen pizzas. A definite item worthy of being on your grocery list.


Katy, TX


no one was impressed at our house


here we go... pro's..none I can think of Cons.. crappy crust that was basically like a stale CRACKER NO SAUCE not enough CHEESE tomatoes do not reheat well kids would not eat dog would not eat husband would not eat kids thought it might make a great frisbee..but not food


Newport News, VA


Yum, yum, yummy!


I normally did't buy this particular pizza. I sent my husband to the store and he brought it home! I'm glad he did. This pizza has a very good, crispy crust. The toppings are good. There was a little more seasonings than I like but it wasn't so bad. All in all, I will purchase this pizza again! It is really good.


Jay, OK


close enough to the restaurant


When i saw california pizza kitchen (CPK) pizzas at the grocery store I was excited, My husband had worked at a CPK a while back and I missed the food.  I bought the thin crist kind not expecting it to taste the same as being in the restaurant but looking forward to it anyway.  It was very good and very close to the restaurant. I have tried many of the different kinds by now and enjoy all of them.  The hawaiian pizza is very good. I also love the convenience of just popping it in the oven.  Microwaved pizzas are faster but the pizza tastes much better, and the crust is much crispier from the oven. I get frozen pizzas a few times a month and enjoy te CPK brand because they have many different combinations of topings that I can't find in other brands. I wish they would make more of their restaurant combinations available at grocery stores. They are a little on the small side though, they are much larger at the restaurant. I can eat a whole one by myself easily and still want a little more, I usually have a salad on the side and call it  a well balanced meal. Because they are a little smaller though, they can fit in my freezer easier than the much larger frozen pizzas. I guess you can call the smaller size portion control!


Bronx, NY


California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza - small and garlicly.


I decided to get a California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza, since it's my birthday, and my boys can cook: a. frozen pizza  b. cressant rolls (in the roll packs like biscuits) I'm thinking they can be trained to cook more than this, but there you go. And, I thought pizza would hit the spot better than just bread. The boys humored me. After all, it's my birthday. It was hard not to notice that this pizza is tiny. It is in a regular sized box with no window. Suprise. You have about half a pizza and thin crust at that. The other thing that jumps out is that the California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza is lathered with seasonings. Not toppings. Those are decent. But, I mean it looks like the lid popped off the Italian seasoning jar and landed on the pizza. Check the pictures if you want to see for yourself. The pizza was sealed very well. My son can attest. He was the cook, until he started watching TV, and I got to make sure this birhday dinner didn't burn. He did not like this tight package that took some muscle to pry open. Well, it was fresh when vaccum sealed this tight. The pizza cooked fast. It is small. It is thin. It is quick. If in a great hurry, this will cook up in minutes and perhaps tide you over. Once cooked, California Pizza Kitchen crispy thin crust is, indeed, crispy. It is kind of like having pizza on top of a big (by comparison) nacho chip. Watching your carbs? I think this one will not set you back much. The flavor is garlic. I really can't say if the crust was tasty or if the meats (3 meat special) were tasty. I could not taste them. From the first bite, it was an explosion of garlic. Maybe they really did drop the seasoning bottle on this pizza. My allergies had been acting up, but I think my nose is clear now. I can't tell for sure. All I can smell is garlic. When you smell it yourself on yourself, do not go near anyone else. You know you're reaking. My oldest would not even taste the pizza. We had a second pizza of another brand that he hit hard. The younger son gave it a go and said it was "OK." He only ate half his slice (the only one he got from the CPK pizza), so I think he was just trying to be nice. I liked the pizza OK, but I doubt I'd buy another. The size is super skimpy. There's way too much garlic. I'm not even sure I can stand to be with myself tonight. Phew. Now I wish my nose would stop up again. All I can smell is garlic, garlic, garlic. And, I even like garlic.        


southern, NC


California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust - Sicilian Recipe

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