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Dry Cat Food
California Natural
California Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Formula Dry Cat Food

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Great for cats with grain allergies...and without


My cats love this stuff...even my picky one. I like the fact that it has no grains, I have a cat that is allergic to the so we had to redo what we feed the cats. This is a great food and not to expensive that it breaks the bank for a natural food. I mix this with taste of the wild so they don't get bored with just one food. All of the cats fur has become much softer. I have an older very fat cat with skin issues...once she started eating this mix she moves around more, plays with the other cats, and her fur finally grew back. The one with the grain allergies has has no issues what so ever and we do not have huge vet bills every month.

Tacoma, WA


A good food for all aged felines


I've been using California Natural for my two felines aged 15 and 18 for about 5 years now.  As they get older, it still seems to agree with them and I sincerely think a good food has given them good health.  After all of the food recalls, California Natural was the only one that did not change their formula or have any recalls.  I would only wish their prices was a little less expensive. I also use the canine California Natural and have been happy with that.  It would be nice if they had an incentive program for when you buy so many bags you can get a coupon or a free bag. It would make buying a good quality pet food a little easier.

Richland, MI


California Natural is gentle and made with good ingredients


I've lived with pets my whole life, and prior to a few years ago, I didn't know that a thing like natural pet food exists. In fact, I didn't give one thought about what went into the big bags of food, especially not the ones that the vet sells. I figured they were all the same type of thing, and the ones at the vets must be more expensive because they are better foods. I was wrong. I became educated on pet food a few years ago by someone who grew up in the pet food industry. She taught me what ingredients to look for and gave me a list of things to avoid. All of those popular pet foods have a ton of ingredients and most of them are ingredients that the animal can't digest well. That means that the pet will just eat more food and go to the bathroom more, too. If you buy food that the pet can actually digest, it will take longer to go through their system. They'll eat less because they feel full longer, and they'll go to the bathroom less because they are eating less and absorbing more. Make sense?   So, with that said, I've been feeding my cat California Natural Chicken and Brown Rice for a few years now. She has a sensitive stomach, and she can palate this. I've tried switching her to other brands or a different protein, but she either won't eat it or it makes her sick. So, we stick to this. Even though this catfood is more expensive per pound than regular catfood, your cat will eat way less than before. It ends up that you'll likely spend less or equal to what you currently spend. Plus, you'll save on having to clean out the litter box as frequently, which is an awesome added bonus. Now that P&G has bought California Natural, I hope that the formula remains the same, but that's something worth continuing to look at. I highly recommend this food.  

Verona, WI


California Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Formula Dry Cat Food

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