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California Closet System
California Closet System Custom Closet

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High Quality Poor Customer Service


The closets look and feel phenomenal. They stand up well to normal wear and tear and can add a lot of extra space to even the smallest closets in your home. Also the name alone can increase your home's resale value by 10%. On top of having high quality products they stand behind there products and for whatever reason they will change anything in your closet no questions asked. If you get shelves and after a few years decide you don't like shelves anymore and want drawers they will change it no questions asked. The customer service is horrible though. I use the company out of CT and the sales rep seems really nice however takes forever to get back to you on product designs and any general question you may have. It usually takes about 3 to 4 phone calls or emails before you can actually get you question answered.




Creates a space for everything!


My house came equipped with this, and boy, am I happy about it!  This system is provides hanging space for all my clothes, a place for all folded items, and an attractive design for all.  It was expensive to put in, but has few parts that could break without a lot of effort to deliberately break them.   The only change I would make is to have some more containers/drawers to hold things together and protect the nice wood from scratches when things get put on and pulled off the shelves.  I'm sure they are available, but a bit pricey.  I have an open shelving system which has plusses and minuses.  My children have access to it, so things are not necessarily placed in an attractive manner.  The upside is, I can give a quick scan over everything and find what I need.    The shelves are strong and an attractive dark wood.  The bars for hanging clothes are made aof plastic, but appear strong.  There is an odd basket - laundry?- it is small, but we use it for odd-shaped things.  Overall, it's great!   


Alexandria, VA


California Closet System Custom Closet

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