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Calgon (take me away)
Calgon (take me away) Mmmmm Vanilla Swirl Body Lotion

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Wow. Smells fantastic and really lasts a long time!


The Calgon body lotion that I am using for this review comes in a 6 fl oz tube with the usual logan written on the bottom "Take me away!" It's a very pleasing color, but I'm not really expecting too much once I open it. But, when I open it, I am immediately enveloped in a pleasant aroma that isn't overwhelming. It smells very nice, but it's not something I would notice on someone else who was wearing it unless I had just walked in a few seconds after they had put it on. I don't really mind smelling like a lotion like this, but it's nice that it doesn't completely have a strong aroma. I care more about the way a lotion makes my skin feel, rather than having a long lasting scent. That's just me, though. The texture is nice, very smooth and absorbs into the skin right away. It's not greasy, which is a big deal to me. I can't stand using a greasy, petroleum-jelly based lotion because it just seems gross to me and makes me feel messy. Calgon absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves me feeling moisturized. It softens the skin and feels smooth, not oily or greasy. Very satisfying on the legs. The one con that I can think of right off the bat is that this doesn't last very long. Getting your hands wet, even for a second or two, immediately results in a need to re-apply.

El Paso, TX


The vanilla swirl fragrant of this Calgon body lotion is awesome


Calgon is known for the "take me away"  phrase, right?  Well, once you indulge into the Calgon Mmmmm vanilla swirl body lotion, you will really be felt like you are taken away!  I love this stuff!  It smells soooooo good, it feels soooooo soft and silky, and it lasts a long time!  I love it, I love, I love it!  And my three year old loves it, too!  After a shower, we lotion up with Calgon, and it feels like we have been through a spa treatment!!  Try it!!!

Raleigh, NC


Calgon (take me away) Mmmmm Vanilla Swirl Body Lotion

5.0 2