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Calgon Moisturizing Bubble Bath

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Beware Those Who Have Sensitive Skin


I remember one night during my freshman year of college, and I really wanted to have a bubble bath after a long week of midterms. This was the first and time time that I used this product. This product does produce a very strong scent, and it suds up very well. However, once I used it, my skin broke out everywhere. Not only was my skin irritated, it was unbearably itchy. I don't even have sensitive skin, and I felt miserable after using it. I definitely would be weary about using this product if you know you have sensitive skin. I felt like I had chicken pox all over again. I bought it once, and I will never buy it again. If you are brave, then you van go ahead and use this product. You are better off using Johnson's Baby Bubble Bath. You might as well buy that. I am serious. You are better off just buying Johnson's Baby products anyway. The only reason that I am giving this a "3" is because of it scent.



Takes Me Away Everytime!


"Calgon" has been around for over 50 years. I grew up with this Bubble Bath in our house. Us "girls" lived by the famous logo: "Calgon Take Me Away"! Although it didn't take us away, it did leave our skin soft, smooth and smelling so good. It's hard not to relax in this moisturizing bubble bath. It contains Vitamin E & Aloe and the long lasting bubbles makes ya wanna soak in the tub forever. All ya do is pour 1/2 cup into the warm running bath water. Once it's dissolved, jump in and let Calgon take ya away! I would highly recommend this to a friend! ****  

obɐɔıɥɔ, IL


Calgon Moisturizing Bubble Bath

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