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Bug Bites, Minor cuts, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac
Caladryl Calamine Lotion

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Smother your itches in pink with original Caladryl lotion


 I recently got all scratched up on my arms when trimming shrubs and bushes around my house. It looked like I was in a knife fight!  I vaguely remembered using a thick, pink lotion on my itchy cuts and scratches when I was a kid and then found my old remedy - **Caladryl**.  What is **Caladryl** good for? Some of the following:  - Insect bites - Minor cuts and scratches - Minor itchy skin conditions - Minor skin irritations - Rashes from poison ivy, poison oak, and sumac  I bought the original formula **Caladryl** (which I remembered from childhood) which is colored pink and has a soothing texture. I washed my arms and applied the lotion liberally. At first the scratches and tiny cuts were soothed only a little bit, but repeated applications eventually healed the cuts and irritations on my arms.  Caladryl contains calamine, which is composed of zinc oxide and iron oxide. While this does not sound like a good thing to rub on your skin, it will provide some healing to minor skin irritations and mild cases of poisoning. However, do not get any in your eyes - believe me - it stings! It also has a distinctive scent. I noticed that Caladryl is also sold now in a clear formula, which may be more popular than the original pink formula I used, but I assume they work about the same. Overall I recommend **Caladryl** because it did eventually heal my 'war wounds' from gardening, but the pink color and repeated applications necessary may be detriments to some users. 

Denver, CO


Caladryl Calamine Lotion

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