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Cajun Classic
Cajun Classic 10" Cast Iron Skillet

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Holiday Brunch Solution


People tend to forget about breakfast at the holidays. You're so focused on getting that turkey dinner to the table that the idea of stopping for a nosh in the morning falls by the wayside. Especially if you've got visiting family members sleeping in. Well, here is an easy solution to keep your energy up and keep the family from trying to sneak food from behind your back out of the kitchen all day: it's brunch y'all, and you can do it as a one skillet meal. I like the Cajun Classic, but any cast iron skillet will do. Saute some meats and veggies in butter, then fold in eggs and cheese and let it set. Then top it off with more cheese and finish it off in the oven. Voila! A delicious frittata that is very filling and has enough protein to keep you going for hours. Doesn't Stick Properly seasoned, this pan will prevent sticking and is very easy to clean. Cajun Classic comes unseasoned, which is my preference because I would much rather season it myself. Mileage varies, so if you like preseasoned look for Lodge. Heat Distribution Never had a problem with unevenly cooked food in one of these. The really awesome thing about cast iron is you can start a dish on the stovetop and move it into the oven and never have to worry about uneven cooking or damage to the pan. These are also fantastic for deep frying right on the stovetop. Ease of Handling Cast iron is very heavy, but you already knew that. Some say the logo on the open pans is awkwardly placed. It is, but the pan is well balanced enough to counteract that. Ease of Cleaning It really doesn't get easier than cleaning cast iron. I usually just boil some salted water in it and then scrape it out and reseason it. Don't ever put soap on it. Design The ten inch is a good fit to my larger electric burners. Twelve inches would be pushing it. Durability Cast iron will last for generations if you take good care of it.

Tampa, FL


Cajun Classic's 10" skillet is a great fry pan to take camping.


I already own, and have reviewed, the Cajun Classic 12" cast iron skillet and have found it to be an ideal extra large pan for most fry work. Time spent with it has not altered my initial opinion of the pan however it has proven fairly large and heavy and kind of likes to just live in one place on the stove and not move around much. It is wide with a short handle too and there were times when a slightly lighter, more portable fry pan was desireable, such as when the extra surface area wasn't needed. The 10" skillet also offered by Cajun Classic of Louisiana has nearly the depth and cooking surface of the full sized pan but is made of slightly thinner guage iron and uses a longer handle for better balance. This results in a pan that doesn't mind being carried around and handled now and then. Still made of better quality cast iron (almost all cast iron comes from China but Cajun Classic offers some details I prefer to other brands) this skillet should serve for decades and get better with each passing year as it continues to season. Food prepared in cast iron cookware tastes noticeably better than food from contemporary cookware, there's just no getting around the fact. It is heavier and requires a little more upkeep but once you get the hang of it it's well worth the effort for those who really enjoy good food. For packing away on a camping excursion the 10" skillet would be ideal for use over a kitchen campfire allowing most of the cooking area of the full sized pan while being just that critical bit lighter, handier and easier to clean. Though subtle, the differences in the two pans give them each their own character and make it worth having one or two of each, depending on your needs and the size of your family. If you can't find Cajun Classic just use whatever's available locally. Shop by weight and price, with heavier being generally preferrable. Afterall, it's all just cast iron.

Houston, TX


Cajun Classic 10" Cast Iron Skillet

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