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CVS Age Defying Lotion

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it does not have to cost a lot to work.


i have tried so very many costly anti- aging lotions , in so many many stores, drug stores , department stores. if someone would tell me ,"it will stop wrinkles  , " i would get it. because i, like so many more women, do not want to look like a prune face before our time. and as for me , i would try anything on my face if some told me it would stop me from getting wrinkles. that is how important it is to me not to be all wrinkled up. well after trying so many costly brands and starting to run short of my money, i finally bought cvs brand lotion . it was so very much cheaper and it seemed to worked as well as the ones that were so expensive .  i found out a little secret to this anti- anging lotion, if you  put the anti-aging lotion on right after you wash your face it will absorb in your skin better and will start working on wrinkles. so girls, stop buying the expensive stuff and use the cheap stuff. and with a little moisture on your face before you apply, it works great.

Abbeville, SC


CVS Age Defying Lotion

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