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CVS Unscented Soft Cloths Supreme

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Awesome Wipes!


I recommend these wipes to any mom, dad, or pet owner! They work well and are cheaper than name brand wipes. They have so many uses and they are the perfect thickness to handle any mess. They never disappoint me! Durability These wipes hold up very well. I think they even hold up better than the more expensive brands. I use them for many things besides wiping bottoms and hands, such as cleaning up little messes, smudges on glass doors, and quick wipe ups on the dog's paws to keep the house clean. Performance These wipes go above my expectations and perform perfectly. I've never had any issues with these wipes. They are packaged well and stay moist. They are also perfectly sized to fit travel wipe containers to take on the go. Scent These wipes are unscented and are perfect for sensitive skin. My kids have dry, sensitive skin and occasional eczema flare ups and these wipes have never caused them to breakout or have allergic reactions.



CVS Unscented Soft Cloths Supreme

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