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CVS Supreme Diapers

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These seem decent.


These are the only disposable diapers we ever used for our baby outside of the pampers swaddlers used in the hospital, so I don't have a lot of comparison for them, but they seemed pretty decent. We cloth diapered our daughter from the day we got home from the hospital, so we never bought disposables, but we were given a diaper cake made of cvs diapers and used 5 or 6 of them before she outgrew them. They never leaked while wearing them, but we did change her immediately after she peed, like anyone should. She did have a blow out while wearing one, but I think that is common for disposables (never happens in cloth!). If we were to get in a pinch where we ran out of cloth diapers while we were out somewhere I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a pack of these. Ease of Use These seem like pretty standard disposable diapers. Just take one out of the package, unfold, wrap around baby, and fasten the fasteners.

Voorhees, NJ


A good value diaper.


There are not our favorite diapers, but when our favorite name brand diaper isn't on sale, we opt for these. My biggest complaint about these is that they seem stiffer than other diapers and they don't have the light scent that our favorite name brand diaper has. But for the price, these diapers are great to have on hand as back ups or even in the car. We've been using these a lot lately as our regular diaper during the day. They do fit bigger and the leg openings are larger. If you have a child with small legs, these might not be the diaper for you since you'll probably have a lot of leaks out of the leg openings. Ease of Use They are easy to use. The tabs can sometimes pull off if you have a toddler who fights you at diaper changes and you're having to wrestle them while wrapping the tabs around. Leak Prevention Pretty decent leak prevention. The leg openings are a little bigger than other diapers the same size. Comfort My children didn't seem to complain about the diapers. They are a little stiffer than other brands though. Absorbency The absorbency seems to comparable to other diapers. I can't say that it's less absorbent or more absorbent.



CVS Supreme Diapers

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