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Sore Throat Relief
CVS Sugar Free Cough Drops

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Something is better than nothing!


I do not see anything wrong trying the store brand cough drops till the time they work well. I purchased the Cvs cough drops in Lemon and honey flavor, and if I am not wrong these were the first ones I had in this flavor, which I really liked. The honey and lemon together is so soothing for the rough throat. While this drop is in the mouth you feel so good, no cough and everything seems easy. It leaves a cooling effect even after it is finished but cough starts again the moment that essence goes off. It is fine for temporarily relief throughout the day, on the go, when you can not have those drowsy syrups which makes you feel sleepy. The best part about these are they are Sugar free that I believe is good for Diabetics as well. I have used these tablets while I had little cough, so honestly can not comment on how it would work for anyone with severe cough and congestion.



Stop that cough


Does a very good job of calming a cough. You don't have to worry about it having sugar and it still has a pleasant taste. As the cough drop is dissolving it coats your throat and helps with a sore throat and coughing. Congestion Relief I feel like it helps open your head up some. You can feel some vapor in your sinuses and helps get some of the congestion loose. Which helps you feel some better. Anything that can help you open up your head, when you have a cold, is truly appreciated. Chest Congestion Relief I don't think it helps with chest congestion. It might help a little, but I think the main thing is it helps with head congestion. Cough Suppression It does a very good job of helping calming your cough.

Trenton, TX


CVS Sugar Free Cough Drops

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