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CVS Pharmacy Photo Center

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Not ready for primetime


We downloaded the iPhone app, sent the photos, received an email confirmation and then....nothing. In our neighborhood (Jamaica Plain Boston) they have not mastered the system so I had to go to the store to urge them to work on my photos 24 hours after submitting them. They had printed them but there was not alert on an email. I also had another order put through win 5 minutes of the first one and I am still waiting to hear back on that one. It seems the app is automated but the next steps in the process are very dependent on human behavior which in this case was lacking. The person who knew what to do (I am told) would be in later but I am still waiting for my email confirmation on photos ordered 36 hours ago for what was supposed to be same day service.



good photos and service, terribly high prices


the quality of the prints have always been good in my past experiences, but the prices are just plain high! even when they have some great "sale" in their photo center, they are still more expensive than all their competitors regular prices, it's ridiculous. that being said, i haven't ever had a problem with the products i have received from their photo lab. the employees have always been friendly and courteous and i have never had an issue dealing with employees.

Tallahassee, FL


Custom photo gift


I ordered a custom photo cell phone gift from CVS.com on December 15. They estimated that the gift would be delivered to my store in 10-15 days. As of 1/7 no one knows where it is and I cannot get through to a representative. I've spent an 20+ minutes on hold.



CVS Pharmacy Photo Center

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