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CVS Pharmacy Instant Hand Sanitizing Spray With Aloe

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A fine product for on-the-run hand cleaning, but watch out


Overall, I would say this is a solid product. It does it's job well, and honestly it's easy to use. The cost is just write and though it smells strong to me, I can live with it. Especially when I'm trying to juggle two kids and the rest of my life, it really just fits into my purse with ease. The one draw back I think it has is that it is very similar in size and shape to a breath spray. I know this for a fact. Granted, it's my fault for having both in my purse, but there has been a time when I sprayed this into my mouth accidentally. Nothing happened other than an insanely awful taste in my mouth, but it's an accident that it's far too easy to do. So while it works, just take note to never blindly reach into your purse if you carry both!


Olathe, KS




I bought this one when I was going on a trip. I like this because it look different, most of hang sanitizers are coming in bottles. It is fun to spray instead of squeeze for a change. However, this product doest have my loyalty. Here is the reason: smell. After spraying for days, I got annoyed but it's smell. It even made me feel kind of sick. After i spray it on my hand, myself and people around me could smell it very strong. I do not like when lotion or hand sanitizer has strong smell.If you are not very concern or sensitive to smells, you might actually like this product. The texture of this product is very nice, feels light and fresh on the skin. It almost feel like water when sprayed and of course spray is very tiny and adds lighter feeling. It is very convenient product to keep in your purse, since ii has small size, like pen; and most importantly it will not make a mess in your purse. Regular packaged hand sanitizers might leak when you press it accidentally with something. It has very durable packaging.


Raynham, MA


Easy to Use but Bad Value


I tried this hand sanitizer out because it was different from all the liquid ones that I was used to. It was nice to spray for once, and it was small enough to store almost anywhere and keep on you. But there are quite a few problems with this. The spray doesn't have the greatest of smells, and it tends to linger around. The smell doesn't really stink, but it does have an odor and sticks around. I prefer my hand sanitizer to be odor-less after using it. Of course you smell the alcohol from the Purell, but it goes away very quickly. The other thing is that this isn't worth the price. For just a few cents more, you can get a gel type of hand sanitizer, and it will last you a lot longer. The spray seems to go out very quickly. Also, after using this spray, my hands would always feel sticky. This isn't a very good feeling. You want your hands to feel clean and moisturized after using hand sanitizer. 


Marietta, GA


Very convenient Hand Sanitizer


I have been using this hand sanitizer for quite some time and definately would recommend this to others.  It is small enough to keep in your purse, tote bag or even in a glove compartment.  I have several of these and have even given them to people who need them more than I do at the moment.  I hope they go on to purchase their own later on.  I usually buy the three pack so that I have them on hand.  They work great during the cold and flu season.  I like that they can be clipped inside my purse so that it doesn't accidently spill.  The cap which is removable keeps it clean and I find that one mist is just right for each hand.  I don't find it sticky as some have said.  And, I haven't noticed an alcohol spell.  I was also lucky enough to get a FREE coupon for this product in the store.  It was a pleasant surprise but I have a great believer in this product and would have bought my own anyway.


Kenosha, WI


CVS Pharmacy Instant Hand Sanitizing Spray With Aloe

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