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Blood Pressure
CVS Pharmacy Brand
CVS Pharmacy Brand Self Taking Blood Pressure Monitor

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easy to use


This blood pressure cuff is very nice.  It is easy to use (if you already know how to use one, I'm a nurse so this was not a problem).  The stethoscope is easier to hear out of than other products. The cuff is a nice fabric, much better than other brands in which the cuff is a cheap plastic that comes undone easily while pumping up.  Easy to take own blood pressure.  I bought this product a few days after giving birth.  I was having elevated blood pressures.  It was easier to purchase this blood pressure cuff than it was to keep driving back to a local pharmacy to do free blood pressure checks to call in the values to my healthcare providers.  It was cheaper than buying an electronic home blood pressure monitor so that was why I picked this product.  There can be lots of errors with electronics, and I felt that a manual blood pressure cuff would be more accurate.  Even though it was cheaper that electronic cuffs, it was still a bit pricey.

Knightdale, NC


CVS Pharmacy Brand Self Taking Blood Pressure Monitor

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