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Milk-Based Formula
CVS Milk Based Infant Formula

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A Great Backup Formula!


Overall, I think this is a wonderful, and reliable store brand formula. It can come in handy when you've run out of your normal brand. Also, if you are breastfeeding and need back up. I purchased this formula, when it was on sale. I used it when there was a power blackout and all my baby's formula in our refridgerator went bad. I recommend this formula above many other store brands because it's reliable in not causing major side effects for your baby. Easily Digested If you have a bottle that minimizes colic and air, your baby shouldn't have any digestive problem. It has a gentle nature on the baby's belly. My daughter didn't have gas or spit up at all, and it was no problem for her to go back and forth between her regular brand. It's ingredients are FDA approved. Ease of Preparation You simply follow the preparation instructions (on the can). It doesn't take long at all. I recommend this formula for moms who are in the go, and can have a bottle ready to be made.




CVS formula is great quality and consistency!


Both my son and daughter used formula exclusively after turning 5 months old. With my daughter, I experimented with any kind of formula that I had a coupon for.... ultimately liking Enfamil the best. Similac was always "foamy" and made both of them gassy. With my daughter, I eventually switched to the Target brand of Enfamil when my coupons ran out and was really happy with it. I planned on doing the same thing for my son but stumbled upon an even better option with the CVS brand of Infant Formula (comparible to Enfamil). It was the same great consistency, did not make my kids gassy and did not get "foamy" or bubbly. We tried the Walgreens brand when I didn't have any other options and it was terrible... it smelled funny and my son would hardly drink it! Now I almost exclusively use the CVS brand. The price is great on its own and if you watch the ads for baby sales it can be a really great value! I just purchased 6 more containers from CVS.com a couple weeks ago as they had all of their store brand items 50% off and free shipping... you really can't beat that!


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CVS Milk Based Infant Formula

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