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CVS Clotrimazole 3

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Worked better than Monistat!


I had a yeast infection for about 2 months.  During that time I used Monistat 1 the 3 day ovule's.  Then I tried Monistat 3 day cream.  They helped but I still had something.  I also used a pill that is suppose to balance your yeast.  Still had burning and itching.  So I went to the doctor.  Spent the money and she just told me to try another OTC cream.  But this cream Clotrimazole 3 worked extremely well.  It is a vaginal cream for yeast infections.  It comes with the cream and 3 applicators.  You apply the cream for 3 consecutive nights.  You fill the applicator's from the tube of cream.  It was very easy to do and not messy like you would think.  It is a little uncomfortable to use and a little hard to push the cream out.  But probably less mess than the Monistat.  I had no discharge of the cream on my underpants, and no other mess.  I would say that the cream does take a while to absorb, but that's why it works so well.  I did have some cream escape when using the bathroom but nothing to bad.  I am really glad that my doctor had me try this cream.  Just wished I didn't have to pay for her to suggest it.  It stopped the burning and the itching.  After 2 months I was so relieved.  You should go to your doctor if your yeast infection continues and/or lasts for longer than 2 months.  If you need relief use Clotrimazole 3!

Bozeman, MT


CVS Clotrimazole 3

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