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CVS Brand Vitamin D 1000 units

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just as good as national brands


i started taking vitamin d around 3 years ago at the advice of my primary care physician because i had a vitamin d deficiency. for about a year, i was using only name brand and national vitamin products and after i saw a good sale at cvs where i basically got their brand for free, i decided to try them out. well, as far as i can tell, there is no difference from the cvs brand and the national better known brands. my doctor says the deficiency is gone and has stayed gone and stayed at the same levels since i started taking vitamin d. i don't see any reason to spend more money on national brands, because the cvs brand works just as well and is significantly cheaper. they almost always have sales and promotions on their brand of vitamins which makes is easy and affordable to take daily vitamins and supplements that your body need to stay healthy or to get healthy. if in doubt i always check the label information to make sure that cvs brand holds up with the same amount of ingredients that the national brands have


Tallahassee, FL


CVS Brand Vitamin D 1000 units

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