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CVS Aloe Cool & Fresh Light Moisturizing Lotion

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Perfect lotion product for softening dry skin


With all the lotions in the health an beauty isle to choose from, this Aloe Cool and Fresh Light Moisturizing Lotion is definitely the best I have found for my normal skin. It does not feel greasy and the scent is not overpowering. Scent The scent is not too strong. It is light and sweet and perfect to rub onto your skin right after the shower. The aloe is a nice scent, if you don't favor a lotion that has too much of a flower scent. Absorption As I had dry skin on my heels, I used it daily for a week and it really was amazing how it softened my skin, clearing up the painful, peeling skin in such a short time. It absorbs well into the skin and it also works well on dry skin after coming in from the cold. It is great for hands and legs and the whole body. Effectiveness This lotion is 100% effective at smoothing dry, chapped skin and is lower in price range than most other lotions at the store. I had always paid three times the price for a well-known brand of lotion and tried this lotion just for kicks. I will use this from now on, softening my skin and not breaking my budget.



Decent lotion


I bought this because it was cheaper than a name brand lotion and needed a small bottle for my purse. The lotion feels nice and is not too thick. It did a nice job of making my hands feel softer and smoother. It did not make my hands feel greasy. I had to reapply after a few hours including hand washing. It helped my dry skin feel softer and it took away the dry skin look which is not pretty. The aloe is supposed to soothe and heal which I guess it did because my skin felt better. Scent I did not like the scent because it was plain and a little medicine-like. The scent lasted a little while which is unfortunate because I did not like it but it went away after a bit. Absorption The lotion rubbed in nicely and fully. It was not too greasy or liquidy and soaked in rather quickly. I did not have to reapply it soon after so it lasted a good while. Effectiveness Pretty standard results, nothing extra special but not bad. Good for normal light dryness but not really dry skin.



CVS Aloe Cool & Fresh Light Moisturizing Lotion

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