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CVS Allergy Relief Non-Drowsy 24 Hour Tablets

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Waste of money


I've used Claritin before with excellent results for my allergies; figured I would save some money and get the CVS brand. There was absolutely zero effect of the medication and now I'm stuck with two bottles of it.




Wonderful non-drowsy effective product.


My teenage son has very bad allergies twice a year, in the spring and again in the fall. I have tried every medication over the counter safe enough to take daily. This particular medication is by far the best and most affordable I have found. It does not have the drowsiness side effect that many other allergy medications have. It has been very useful for my son to take one tablet in the mornings to prevent him from becoming overwhelmed by allergy symptoms. He takes them daily during the times when he has the most allergy problems associated with the seasonal changes that cause so many problems for him. This medication relieves all of his allergy symptoms...runny nose, sinus congestion, itchy, watery eyes. I highly recommend this medication as a daily allergy symptom prevention. The cost is very low compared to other over the counter medications on the market, and in my opinion way more effective. Ease of Use These tiny pills are very easy to swallow. They do not crumble as you are trying to swallow them, as do many other oral medications. Immediacy Taken first thing in the morning, this allergy medication helps to keep my son allergy symptom free from morning, all through the day, and overnight.




Works Well


I usually try the off brand medicines before the name brands. This off brand allergy relief medicine has really worked for me. I personally do not have allergies; but this medicine has helped tremendously when I am stuffed up and congested. I am a nurse and am on my feet all day at work. When I get sick, I take this medicine at work. It is non-drowsy and I start feeling relief from my congestion within a half hour after taking it. It lasts me about a good four hours. The pills are tiny and very easy to swallow. The package says the tablets last for twenty-four hours, but they never last that long for me. I appreciate this medication because it does not cost as much as the name brand products. Everyone is different with which medications works for them best. The name brand product might work even better, but I am very happy with the affects of this allergy relief medicine.




Once Every 24


Great being once every 24 hour product. You don't have to think Bout when was the last time a took my medication. Just pick a convenient time for you. Maybe after you brush your teeth in the morning, or after breakfast, in the car on the way to work or school, as you get to work or school, maybe before lunch or after lunch or before dinner or after dinner, perhaps just before you go to bed. Pick a time and take the medication at the same time every day for it to do its magic for you Effectiveness This product is pretty effective and is as effective as the name brand products that cost a considerable amount more. I usually try the store brand first as the the ingredients are usually the same as the name brand Ease of Use I like a product that is taken once every twenty four hours. Many of the other products need to be taken every four hours, which is not too much of a problem during the day, but during the night is a problem


Fountain Valley, CA


Loratadine is the best OTC antihistamine I've used


I have a LOT of allergies.  I'm allergic to cats, rabbits (including angora sweaters... very sad!), mold, dust, pollen, pretty much all of the outdoors come springtime, and shellfish.  My allergies were so bad when I was living in northern California that I had to be on 3 allergy medications at the same time!  Thankfully, one of them was Loratadine, which was over the counter.  It was so great to be able to get an over the counter medication that wasn't super expensive!  It works for me, and doesn't make me drowsy (like most allergy medications do).  It's awesome! Pros: Fairly inexpensive (compared to Rx) 24 hours Non-drowsy OTC I don't experience any side effects   Cons: Could be cheaper Takes at least an hour to work - not immediate relief   Loratadine is the first medication I reach for when I start to feel that all too familiar icky feeling that somes from a runny nose, painful/itchy eyes, and the beginning of a headache.  It does the job!


Jackson, WY


Didn't really work for me


I am allergic to a lot of things. I am allergic to pollen, dust, mold, and most types of mammals. While none of my allergies are life-threatening, they do cause a lot of irritation, so a functional allergy medicine is a must have for me. This medicine is not it. Honestly, I don't find any Loratadine products, whatever the brand, to be effective at all. For one thing, they take at least an hour to kick in. Once they have kicked in, they then aren't very effective. They help mildy with the congestion, but not at all with watery itchy eyes or sneezing. I can barely tell when I'm using them and when I'm not. I greatly prefer Benedryl or a knock-off brand with the same active ingredient. I don't know if this is me, or if the Loratadine products actually are less effective. I wouldn't recommend these tablets, unless (like my father) Benedryl knocks you out, in which case I guess these allergy tables are better than nothing.


Bowie, MD


CVS Allergy Relief Non-Drowsy 24 Hour Tablets

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