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CVS Age Defying Towelettes

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Good to Pack for a Trip


I purchased these to pack in my luggage while we went away on our vacation. The only reason I purchased these was because they seemed to be convenient as well as the price was not too bad since it was not a name brand. I used these in the morning to wash my face and also in the evening to take off my makeup. I found that this was more of a cleanser than an anti aging towelette. The towelette is textured which allows for great scrubbing. After a few days I found my face to be dry and irritated. I had much more dry spots on my face. Overall, I think these are a good substitute for a quick wipe off of your face, however I would not use these on a regular basis. Absorption The towelettes were moist but not as moist as I prefer them to be. Doesn't Clog Pores I wouldn't say that it clogged my pores but I didn't think it was as light and airy, it left my face feeling hard and dried out. Effectiveness I would not consider this an anti aging technique at all. It is more a quick scrubbing method.



CVS Age Defying Towelettes

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