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CIE International Tours

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CIE International Tours,Best travel deal ever!


We were a three generation trio on a trip to Northern Ireland and Ireland.  CIE International tours was the group we selected to guide our travels.  CIE International Tours was amazing.  We stayed in amazingly beautiful hotels.  We were fed as if we were royalty or important political figureheads.   Our tour guides were knowledgeable, humorous and courteous.  Our driver and tour guide not only educated us on the sites but was very thoughtful to also point out the best places to eat when we were on our own for meals.  We learned quickly if he said a place had a good value for the food, we would be well-fed and the prices would be very reasonable.  There was never a time we were concerned about security or our safety.  People are people and it could be easy to point out not everyone the tour group made for good travel companions.  However, it is important to stop and remember to focus on yourself and what you are wanting out of the trip.  Extend understanding to those who aren't what you hoped they would be and decided you are going to enjoy yourself and get the experience you want out of it.  There were a couple of disappointments on this trip and none the fault of CIE Tours.  Waterford Crystal Factory had closed and there was a protest at gardens we were to visit.  CIE Tours made special efforts to provide us with alternative sites to explore and experience.  We visited the Jameson Brewery and a castle.  Both were pleasant and I couldn't imagine not having had the experience of visit the substitute sites.  Highly recommend this company for your next trip abroad!

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CIE International Tours

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