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Moisturizing Shampoo
CHI Infra Shampoo

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Didn't Clean My Hair


I really wanted to like this shampoo. Unfortunately, this shampoo just didn't clean my hair. It wouldn't even lather up. I use a lot of hairspray to style my hair and I would come out of the shower with hairspray residue all over my hair. I had huge white balls of goop on my hair strands after using this shampoo. I was so frustrated about it not cleaning that I washed my hair over and over for about a week. I would even try to get it to lather, rinse and repeat three times in one shower. This shampoo also left my shoulder length, bleached, hair very dry even after using a conditioner. I have never experienced a problem like this with other shampoos before trying this one. It was just awful. I would not recommend this shampoo to anyone that uses a lot of hairspray in their hair. I also would not recommend this shampoo to anyone that bleaches their hair because it left my hair so dry and dull.



A good shampoo if you need one that moisturizes.


We recently visited family and my sister in law, who happens to be a hairdresser, had a bottle of Chi Infra Shampoo in the bathroom for family and friends to use. Initially I was shocked to see the shampoo look more like a conditioner. It was thick and white, but it did lather up well enough. However, when it came time to wash it out I had a hard time and my hair didn't get that squeaky clean feel. I asked my sister in law if they had soft water and explained to her my experience, but she said they didn't have soft water and the shampoo was supposed to do that. She said it is a moisturizing shampoo. The shampoo really made my hair soft and shiny, but it didn't add any more body or make my hair any more manageable than my other salon shampoo that I use at home. It has a soft floral scent that didn't remain on my hair, and the bottle was ample for several months use. I don't think I woud spend the money for this salon brand shampoo, but I did enjoy using it. Effectiveness It did moisturize well, but my hair never felt quite as clean as when I use a clarifying shampoo to remove all of the build up from the styling products I use. Scent Pleasant and mild, didn't remain on the hair.

Eagle River, AK


Chi Infra Shampoo works great for styled hair!


CHI (Cationic Hydration Interlink) Infra Shampoo works great for hair that is constantly being styled with a flat iron.  It seems to protect the hair from the heat of the flat iron.  I purchased this shampoo in a set with the Conditioner (Treatment) and the Silk Infustion.  I have always used all three products together, so I do not know what they are like if only one or two of the products are used.  The shampoo is a moisture therapy shampoo.  It does leave my hair moisturized and it combs out easy when all of the products are used together.  I like the smell of the shampoo.  It is a sweet flowery type smell, but yet isn't overpowering and is fresh.  I purchased it because I know that the flat irons made by CHI are great, and I thought that this product would compliment it well.  I do like it, and would recommend it.  However, it isn't my favorite shampoo, but then it doesn't cost quite as much as my favorite shampoo either.  I do recommend trying all of the CHI styling products together as I have.

York, SC


CHI Infra Shampoo

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