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CHI Advanced Wet to Dry 1-1/4" Ceramic Flat Iron

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Chi Advanced Wet to Dry Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron works great!


This was actually my first Chi purchase, and I'm glad I was. I don't usually use it on my wet hair, but it works equally well whether my hair is damp or bone dry. Some quick tips for using it- unless you have really thick, stiff, curly hair, don't turn it up all the way- it'll fry your hair and make it look frizzy. I learned this the hard way. Also, make sure you use some kind of protecting product, or else the ends will get frizzy and you'll have fly-aways all day.  Pros: it works just as advertized. It heats up really fast, and it has a handy little stand with suction cups that keeps it stuck to your sink, and ensures you don't accidentally burn yourself on it. The digital display is very useful so you know exactly how hot it is. Cons: It's too big to create those great curling waves that are all the rage right now. I'm going to have to invest in a regular-sized Chi for that effect, I think.


Midlothian, VA


Chi is durable and reliable, but works best when hair's dry


GENERAL: I caved and bought a CHI straightener (I'm usually *quite* frugal) based on the recommendation of a close friend. Everybody in her family has at least one, and now all of her friends do too! USAGE: I've had this hair straightener for about two years now, and it's still in good working condition. For the first year, I used it pretty much daily. Now I've reduced to about once or twice a week (more for the purposes of haircare than for cutting down on CHI usage) but hope to get much more mileage out of it. EFFECTIVENESS: I've never used the regular CHI straightener before, so i don't know how much more effective the wet-to-dry straightener is, especially given the price differential between the two. I've used this on damp hair before, and it hasn't damaged the straightener or my hair...but the efficacy of this model is definitely proportional to the dryness of your hair. I have limited experience with other brands of hair straighteners, but based on reviews, am not terribly inclined to broaden my horizons. NUTSHELL: Worth the (relative) priciness but may be more worth your buck to go with the regular rather than the wet to dry.  


Berkeley, CA


I won't purchase any other brand again!


The Chi Auto-Digital Advanced Wet to Dry Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron is an amazing product! I purchased this because I had heard so many great reviews on many of the Chi products and knew they had a 1 year warranty. I was amazed with the results. I have dry, curly hair and normally I have to let my hair air dry before I can straighten it(it gets too dry with a blow dryer). I was able to use this flat iron on wet hair(not soaking) and it made my hair smooth and silky in a fraction of the time it used to take to straighten my hair. It has a temperature setting so you can set it to the temperature you would like up to 392 degrees F. I also really like that it has an automatic shutoff timer just in case you forget to turn it off(which is great because it gets HOT!) My hair stays smooth and silky even after it has been exposed to intense humidity which is always great!!! I have not had any problems but make sure you use smaller sections of hair for best results and try not to leave it in one spot for too long. If this one ever goes bad, I will be purchasing another one!


Tiffin, OH


Not a true wet-to-dry straightener


This iron works really well, but unfortunately your hair has to be 90% dry in order to use this straightener.  For the price that you have to pay for this straightener, you would assume that you would be able to just hop out of the shower and straighten your hair. You might as well own a regular Chi straightener and dry your hair the other 10%


Columbia, SC


The Chi wet to dry flat iron is and outstanding tool.


My experience with this tool is definately a good. The chi wet to dey iron is a great quality tool for many reason. It give a smooth flat long lasting style, that isn't harshon the hair. It also last for an incredibly long time, so it was made very well. Its a well known brs.and and is trusted by many professinals. It can be expensive to the average person, but I'd suggest investing the extra money in it because you'll noit only love what it make ytour look like and feel, but you'll save money in the end because you won't have to buy a new one every two or so years. You also save yourself a ton of time, by cutting out using a hairdryer then flatironing becase this particular iron you dry you hair with it. Of course when using any styling tool that uses heat I suggest investing in a thermal protection,spray or cream because any tool with heat causes damage to the hair. For the best hold, quality style, in the least amount of time I suggest this iron. Especially in the summer time to reduce the amount of heat you exposed to all day.


Portsmouth, RI


The Chi flatiron has rocked my world!"


The Chi flatiron has made my morning routine a joy.  This high-powered styling tool tames my frizzy curls into long, smooth, glossy locks.  Because the Chi uses a high-technology ionic feature and enameled plates, it is non-damaging to hair and traps moisture in the hair shaft.  I receive compliments on my hair daily and have recommended this implement to many others.  Although it takes a bit more time than hot rollers do, the time is well worth it!  I've never felt more beautiful.  My husband says he loves my new look and so do my friends.  


Fruitland Park, FL


Great item..you can not put it down.


I purchased this item and one of the hair shows in Atlanta and trust me the demonstration sold me to the point of no return.  The item itself is just healthier on the hair and very easy to use and very manageable.  The iron can also be used on either wet or dry styling of the hair.  The flat iron also features a cord that does not tangle.  The plates on this iron gets super hot but it does not leave a residue on the iron from any of the products you may use like oil sheen or mosturizers or grease.  The iron seals in the moisture of the hair and does not damage it one bit.  One other great thing that I loved was you are able to get this iron in a array of colors..My favorite color was purple and this really just made me happy.  Once plugged into the wall this iron does not take long to heat up and its heats up to 420C.  It comes with a cooling pad that can also be used when unplugged to prevent the iron from damaging a case your using...Love this item alot..and recommend


Hyattsville, MD


CHI Advanced Wet to Dry 1-1/4" Ceramic Flat Iron

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