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CECT i9 Cell Phone

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Fun phone for a good price


The CECT I9 is an iPhone-clone. It looks similar to an Apple iPhone, at a fraction of the cost. It does have its downfalls. The quality of the materials is significantly cheaper when compared to the iPhone, but it is still highly functional.  The phone itself has a very small amount of storage, but will take a mini-SD card up to 8 GB. It has a music player and video player, a camera, and all the features that a modern cell phone should have.  One disadvantage is that a lot of the "Apps" are in Chinese, which makes it very difficult to use some of the features. There may be a way to switch it to English, but after owning the phone for two months, I have yet to figure it out. If you can read Chinese, this won't be a problem for you, but you may be able to find the setting to switch it to English, if it is available.  Other than that, its a pretty cool phone. The touch-screen keyboard is much smaller than the iPod's keyboard, but the CECT I9 comes with a stylus. If you happen to be a woman with longer nails, you won't even need the stylus for most purposes. I just use the edge of my nail on the touch screen, and have no problems as long as I calibrate the pen settings every now and then. 


La Puente, CA


Hiphone Is exactly what I wanted without the hi price


I bought an unlocked Hiphone and It is just what I wanted. I have control over what phone I have and not the cell phone companies. I have the camera I wanted and a mp3 player with radio all in one. Can also organize my to do list as well. The price is great for those of us on a budget in these times. Unlocked phones are the way to go for those who want control over their phone choices. It also has an ebook reader on it along with fm radio, calculator, video and many more.


Norcross, GA


CECT i9 Cell Phone

3.5 2