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Nice Computer Shop


CDW is an online computer and electronics shop. I receive their weekly newsletter. Every Monday they offer one of their products at a 65% price reduction. Sometimes the deals are on items that I would never have any use for, things that I would assume are not selling all that well and that I believe they are just trying to unload. However more often than not, they offer really great products at that large price reduction! The site itself is set up really well. It's easy to navigate and simple to use. The item descriptions are detailed and are usually in terms that anyone can understand. I haven't found a bunch of techno speak that I can't follow here. I definitely like that. The prices at CDW.com are also really good. I found an ipad charger here for much less than I had priced it at Target, where I generally think the prices are good. The ordering process is easy. Shipping is quick and reasonably priced. All in all a great site!

Southfield, MI


Easy to find Hard to Find items at CDW


I use CDW.com to order items for work and sometimes for personal use also. The customer service for this company is absolutely great. Their prices unfortunately are not always the best but sometimes it is worth it just to know that if you have problems, you will be taken care of. They also have a good return policy so if I order the wrong thing, they have worked with me to get it right. They have a huge selection of computer items and electronic items so they are an easy one stop shop for me in most cases. They carry a variety of name brands too. Another thing that I really like about this website is that it has a lot of useful information not just products. Even if you are not tech oriented, it gives useful and easy to understand information and not just to sell you more products. This is one of my favorite electronics websites and my go to first website when I am looking for a hard to find item.

Toledo, OH


Good company to work with


CDW is a good company to work with. The sales people are friendly and get back to you quickly. They will assist you with any issues you might have before placing an order. The website is easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to purchase from. The checkout process is not overly complicated, and the response time is fast. They ship items quickly, and I have never had a quality issue with any item purchased from CDW. They carry a wide variety of products, and will work with you on any issues with products, returns or exchanges. They are also happy to work with you on adding new products if there is something that you would like to purchase, but they do not currently carry. They will also regularly ask for feedback from their customers, to see how they can change or improve, or fix any issues. Their prices are comparable to the competition, and they may offer price matching if asked.

Attleboro, MA


CDW is a great website


I work at a software company and we use CDW.com at my office for ordering all of the time. One of the main things I order from CDW are wireless headsets, but they have all kinds of products and a great selection. If you are a business, you can set up an account with them to pay with a purchase order and they will ship to you FedEx ground. It's all very easy. They will also assign you an account representative who can formulate quotes for you if you need a quote before you order. Sometimes processing a return can be a bit of a pain, but I think that's only because I order so much from there it's tricky for me to keep my orders straight so that I know what I need to return. CDW even set up a "punchout" for my company so that it is integrated into our procure-to-pay system and we can keep track of who is ordering what. They're a great company with a nice selection and I recommend them!

Colorado Springs, CO



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