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CB I Hate Perfume
CB I Hate Perfume CB Secret History At the Beach 1966

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Nostalgic-slightly reminicent of the old Coppertone!


I love this fragrance! It reminds me of being on the beach in Ocean City when I was a kid. Its like sand, sun and saltwater. The best way I can explain it is it smells like when you come in after spending all day on the beach (that faint smell of the old style Coppertone, mixed with saltwater). It brings back great memories for me - love it!!!!

Forest Hill, MD


Sand, sun, memories all in a bottle


Summer in a bottle. This scent smells (deliberately) like Coppertone. It is fun to wear, a great spring scent and it evokes a lot of great sunny memories of youth, when you didn't know sun worship was bad for you (if you are of a certain age). CB I Hate Perfume has a great website (of the same name) where you can find his collection of very unusual scents. I also tried the Winter 1972 scent (ick) and To See a Flower (fantastic, green, soft floral). If you are looking to smell different (in a good way) and you are tired of the usual scents, try CB I Hate Perfume. They also supply samples.

Portage, MI


CB I Hate Perfume CB Secret History At the Beach 1966

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