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Cat Rescue
CAT RESCUE Maine Coon Adoptions

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A great kitty rescue group.


Maine Coon Adoptions is an all-volunteer rescue group in the San Francisco Bay Area that pulls cats from high-kill shelters, gets them vetted to make sure they are healthy, and finds adoptive homes for them.  You need to know that I like this group so much that I started doing some volunteer work for them.   We have adopted 4 cats from Maine Coon Adoptions.  One of these cats had very sensitive skin (which we were told about before we adopted him) and was overgrooming so much that we were getting cortisone shots for him every 2 months or so.  Worried about the long-term effect of these shots, we contacted Maine Coon Adoptions which put us in contact with a vet tech in Texas who provides free advice to adopters.  She recommended a dietary change that completely solved the sensitive skin problem.  This rescue group is really committed to following up with its adopters after the adoption, and it has a policy that it will always take a cat back if things don't work out, whether it's 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 years after the adoption.

Oakland, CA


CAT RESCUE Maine Coon Adoptions

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