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CADAC Safari Chef Portable Propane Grill

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Great tailgate or camping multi-purpose outdoor cooker - grill.


The CADAC Safari is a really cool outdoor cooker that is great for small tailgate groups or for family camping. The CADAC is also fun at home. The CADAC is a very compact cooker powered by the small one pound gas bottles that screw right in the bottom of the unit. Those fit just right with perhaps an inch of space, so this is a low set cooker. There are different types of toppers for the CADAC. You  can grill traditionally or put on a different topper for doing things like fried eggs and bacon. Then, the lid which works to make an oven if put on top can be turned upside down to use as a wok.   Safari was made in South Africa for cooking out in the jungle, so it is highly portable. The legs fold under and lock. The various cooking surfaces or toppers all stack. The overall size is about like carrying a bowl ball in a bag but not near so heavy. The temperature is adjustable with a knob, but this outdoor cooker runs pretty hot. I tried keeping beans warm in the wok top, but I had to watch close to keep them from sticking so turned the CADAC off and on. It really does not have a good low heat. But, the top is said to be a wok, and you do need high heat for that. I own a grill site called Yes You Can Grill, so I try out all sorts of new grills. I thought I might give the CADAC to my sister who likes to camp. I sure don't like to camp. But, my son who is in Boy Scouts thought this was just the neatest outdoor cooker he'd seen. He asked if I planned to give it away. I could tell he wanted it, so it is his cooker, and I do use it for some fun outdoor meals outside of just regular grilling. He likes that it's so pack and go and that all his buddies thinks that he is da bomb with this CADAC grill cooker. If you want a fun outdoor cooker that will be easy to pack and carry around and has more options than most other tailgate sized grills, this CADAC is a good pick. Just  expect folks to stop and look and ask about the CADAC. It does have that really cool factor going but also works really well and turns out good outdoor meals of different types.

southern, NC


CADAC Safari Chef Portable Propane Grill

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