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Gum Stimulator
Butler Sulcas Brush

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Amazing product


I purchased this Butler Sulcas brush two months back and I just love using it. It can clean almost all areas of my teeth and even removes plague from the areas. I use it gently over my teeth and gums as my gums bleed if I rub the brush hard. I have found that my teeth look whiter and the dentist also has told me that my teeth do not require cleaning for the time. The best way to keep your teeth free from cavities and plague is by brushing with the Butler Sulcas brush twice a day in the morning and evening. My teeth are all in proper shape and so it becomes easier for me to move the brush in the right areas and it gets food stuck in between the teeth out easily. The price of one toothbrush is very less and I already have a set of 5 brushes for my entire family. It has soft bristles which help in preventing gum diseases and it also helps in stopping gum bleeding which is the most important factor for me.



Good for cleaning around the base of crowns!


Along with getting older comes brushing, flossing and the Butler Sulcas brush. Actually I wish they had given me this when I still had younger teeth, if so, I think that the areas around the base of my teeth would be in better shape then they are now and the Butler Sulcas brush is perfect for getting around the base of crowns to keep them healthy and strong. If you are hoping to replace brushing and flossing then the Butler Sulcas brush isn't going to be very much help. But if you are looking for optimum health around the edges of your teeth the Butler Sulcas brush will be very useful to you and you will be glad that you spend the extra 30 second every night to give your teeth that extra care. I did find that a competitor brand called Sulca brush has a better angle to it but they can be really hard to find whereas the Butler Sulcas brush is often carried in large stores and handed out by dentists. Excellent for keeping those crowned teeth from corroding at the base and falling out!

Amherst, MA


1 minute of Sulca Brush, flossing, brushing, saves your teeth!!


Gently massaging all of the gums edges around my teeth gets to areas flossing and brushing just cannot fully "massage" to keep tight to my teeth.  Results from consistent use of a Sulcus brush after three months for just five minutes the first two times, and 1 minute each morning and evening each day, tightened gums even more than just flossing.  But flossing is required to work together with it to maximize effectiveness in prevention of any gum disease (periodontal disease). After six months of use and a visit to a periodontist and dentist, the concensus is that instead of being in danger of losing any or all of my teeth.....I will be keeping them!!! Nothing beats your own natural teeth.  Partial plates, full dentures, and permanent tooth implants simply cannot replace a persons own grown teeth.  To save all kinds of huge costs of mouth surgery using thread to sew your gums back together in a periodontists chair or the agony involved when implants don't take well and your body rejects them, or having to paste your partial plate or dentures to your mouth, cleaning them, and so forth. It is a miracle tool to use.  You can find it on WWW.butler.com, or google search for the "Sulcas Brush", you can find one to order and see for yourself!

Everett, MA


Butler Sulcas Brush

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