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Bush's white hominy - maiz pozolero

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Bush's cans nice hominy - puffed corn.


I'm surprised that so few people seem to eat hominy and that a lot don't even know what it is. Hominy is puffed corn. It's a bit like popcorn but wet like canned corn instead of dry. It comes in white or yellow depending on the corn used. Hominy can be eaten just like corn - heated as a side vegetable. It also makes a nice filler in recipes - like taco soup. I make a big crock pot of taco soup pretty often. It has meat, beans, tomatoes and hominy plus seasonings. Kind of like chili beans. It's a family favorite and also popular at dinners. I do often get asked what the "white things" are. I heard a radio host once say that hominy means grits. That's not true. There are hominy grits, but grits are grits. They are small and used like Cream of Wheat. Hominy pieces are large - about double the size of corn kernals. I've tried a couple of other brands, but I usually stick with Bush's. One of the brands I bought had odd shaped hominy with drak edges. Those looked so gross that I put them out for the birds and went back to the store and bought Bush's. I don't usually waste stuff, so they really looked bad. Here's my recipe for quick and easy Taco Soup: [http://cooking.consumerhelpweb.com/comfortfoods/southerntacosoup.htm][1] It's really delicious. The boys go wild for this - even with the hominy (-: [1]: http://cooking.consumerhelpweb.com/comfortfoods/southerntacosoup.htm

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Bush's white hominy - maiz pozolero

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