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Bush's Chili Magic

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This is the easiest & best chili ever!


**This is the easiest recipe!  It's a throw together meal and does not take long at all!  All you have to do is brown some grounded beef with some onion, add the Chili Magic & canned tomato, let it simmer for a little while, and you have wonderful chili the whole family loves!  My son's friend was shocked that my chili was not homemade!  You'll find this with the Bush's baked beans in the grocery store.**

Brooksville, FL


Busy life? ,Quick Diner Solution,Easy add Meat & Tomato; Done !!


****Bush's Chili Magic** ** ** This is one of the simplest solutions to a fast,good home cooked chili.In fact this is the only way I make it..I have had great reviews from family and friends.** ***Bush's Chili magic comes in two varietys mild and hot.* I prefer the mild flavor as it still gives off a kick as chili is named to do It is mild enough to eat. I'm not a big fan of spicy foods but this is just the right amount of spice for good flavor and not the burn.** **This is a simple as 123 !   Brown meat, Add  a can of tomato, Add a can of bush's chili magic. Dinner on the table in less than 20 minutes.....** ** *(For  every 1 can of chili magic - add 1 pound ground beef,1 can of tomato)*** ***   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*** ***I feed a family of 5 *** *** I use two cans  chili magic,*** ***2 lbs cooked & browned 90% ground beef,(also ground turkey is good)*** ***2 cans of tomatoes various sizes(I prefer small diced)*** ***Just enough to fill my round crockpot,on low till served if dinner is on delay till everyone is home.***



Bush's Chili Magic

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