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Burt's Bees
Burt's Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Orange Wax Body Lotion

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Smells great, feels great, is great


This is a fantastic lotion. It pretty heavily mousturizes the skin and the honey gives you a solid layer of protection against the environment and dirt.Sometimes the bottle is a little difficult to squeeze and the cap easily gets clogged. But I don't mind too much because the product is pretty great. The only other thing I'm not crazy about is that it can also be a bit difficult to work it into the skin sometimes, though this doesn't often bother me.

Devon, PA


This helped my son's itchy, rashy skin and it's natural!


***Quick View:*** Recently, my son got a weird itchy rash. I called the doctor but the office said it didn't sound serious and to wait for a couple of days and, if it didn't get better, to bring him in. They gave me no suggestions as to what to put on it. I bought ***Burt's Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Orange Wax Body Lotion ***because I happened to see it and it seemed like it might help. The rash wasn't severe but annoying. This seemed to have worked well on it. It was gone a day and a half and immediately felt less itchy and looked less red.***About Burt's Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Orange Wax Body Lotion*** Burt's Bees is all about natural products. This one is 99.01% natural. It comes in an eight ounce container and is white in color. The scent is strongly of honey. I hate the smell of honey. But this wasn't for me so I gagged through it. I smelled no orange at all. My son's rash was on his back so I applied the lotion. He wasn't in love with the scent either but it's not a BAD scent. You just have to like honey and we don't. Still, the lotion is very thick and creamy, so thick that I had trouble getting it out of the bottle. On my son's skin, it was non-greasy and absorbed nicely. He said it felt good. I used it on my hands because I had it on my hands and they felt smoother and softer. The next day, my son's rash was much less noticeable and less itchy. I applied more of the lotion after his shower and I could almost see the rash disappearing. By mid afternoon, my son said the rash didn't itch anymore. The next day, it was nearly gone and one more application cleared it completely up. Obviously, it could have been clearing by itself but I think this lotion soothed and calmed my son's inflamed skin. I used it on my hands every time I applied it to my son's skin and my hands were much softer and hydrated. I tried it on my legs after shaving and it was soothing and felt cool. This can be used all over the body as a daily lotion but we don't use it that way. If our skin feels irritated or tight, we will use the lotion and it does help. I don't like the smell, unfortunately, or I may have used it as a body cream. However, I will use it on my hands if they get very chapped or on my legs when I get razor burn. ***My Viewpoint*** This is a good natural lotion that, if you like the honey scent, you can use daily as a body lotion. If you prefer, you can use it on rashy, irritated skin until the irritation goes away. That is how we use it. It's thick and rich and a little goes a long way. I am not a fan of the scent but I do think this is one of the better Burt's Bees skin products. ***4 stars.***

The heart of , NY


Loved the Burt's Bees Honey & Orange Body Lotion


Heard nothing but good things about Burt's Bees Honey and Orange Wax Body Lotion, so I bought one to try. It smells SO good I wish it was edible, as I would have loved it on some vanilla ice cream! I found it to be very creamy, and a little went a long way if you rubbed it in right away, as your skin literally soaks it up almost immediately. It may my skin not only smell good, but it really helped the dryness. During the winter when we have the heat on most of the day, or during the summer when we get low skin gets very dry and I've been looking for a lotion or cream that would help hydrate my skin. The Burt's Bees Honey and Orange Wax Body Lotion will fit the bill quite well. It's a bit more expensive than some skin lotions you might get at the local drugstore, but I would rather pay a bit more for a lotion that isn't 90% water and evaporates before it even reaches your skin! Even without the Honey and Orange smell, I would still love this cream.

Norwalk, CA


Winning scent, funny feel


I generally am too cost-conscious to purchase lotions that cost this much, but this lotion just sounded too alluring. An all-natural product with two of my favorite scents: honey and orange! Indeed, the scent was not a let down. The orange wax and honey combination is tantalizing. It also includes coconut oil as an extra moisturizer. If you are prone to really dry skin - or even eczema - this would probably be a great lotion for you. However, if you have just your average skin, you may just want to smell it daily but leave it off your skin. It made my skin a little sticky, which became progressively worth the older the lotion got. After a year or so, some chemical change started happening causing the lotion to get a little funny - maybe the orange wax separating from the honey?? I have no idea, I'm no lotion chemist; all I know is that this lotion was virtually unusable after a little over a year after I purchased it.  If you buy, use it up fast!

Kansas City, KS


Love this lotion!


I love, love, love, love, love Burt's Bees products so when I saw this product I had to try it out. And I am so very glad I did! I have horribly dry skin and before Burt's Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey and Orange Wax Body lotion I had tried dozens and dozens of lotions that just did nothing to help. The honey and orange wax lotion has helped me tremendiously and I think it is amazing how soft my skin is after using this for only a month!! Plus it has the added benefit of being all natural! This lotion also smells terrific, some of the other lotions out there for those of us with dry skin have horrible smells or just smell like baby powder. But Burt's bees thoroughly therapeutic honey and orange wax body lotion smells as terrific as it sounds. My fiancee even noticed the huge difference that burt's bees honey and orange wax body lotion has made for me and my skin! No more dry, cracked skin for me!

Hayden, AL


Burt's Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Orange Wax Body Lotion

4.2 5