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Burt's Bees
Burt's Bees Sunscreen SPF 15 Natural with Hemp

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The SPF in this just isn't strong enough .


I decided to give this sunscreen a try because it has hemp in it and because it is all natural. I've heard a lot of hype about hemp and how it is miraculous as a sunblock, as a lotion, as an anti aging cream and so on. The list is endless of what companies claim hemp can do. I also have heard how great natural and organic product can be so I wanted to give Burts Bees a chance to become a new favorite sunscreen in my cabinet. It just didn't work for me. I love their lip balms and hand salves but unfortunately their sunscreens just are not strong enough. This particular sunscreen doesn't smell very good. I've also tried the SPF 30 and had the same effect. The scent is unpleasant. It smells earth in a bad way. The sunscreen comes in a small tube that looks like it is designed specifically to be used on noses and faces. I tried applying this to my nose for added protection and ended up burned. I really wanted to find a good natural sunblock that didn't use chemicals but it isn't strong enough to protect my face. This sunblock doesn't have a lot going for it for me. It smells terrible. It's expensive for the small amount that you get. It doesn't absorb or rub into my skin very well. And finally, it doesn't provide ample protection for my face. The SPF 15 and 30 just aren't strong enough. I also don't notice any difference with the hemp being in this sunscreen. I was very disappointed. I love that they are chemical free but the lotion was not effective. Scent It smells really bad. Absorption It sits on my skin and I have to work too hard to rub it in. Longevity I ended up with a nasty sunburn on my nose. Effectiveness It isn't powerful enough. Ease of Application It's easy to get out of the tube and put on the skin but it doesn't absorb well at all.



Does more damage than the sun


I used Burt's Bee Sunscreen SPF 15 Natural once in my entire life and I will never use it again. I applied this sunscreen to my face and body. This sunscreen is very thick and has a consistency of diaper rash cream. When applying this cream I noticed that it wasn't soaking into my skin very well. My face and body was left with a white ghostly effect that didn't leave until I washed it off. As far as protection goes my skin didn't suffer any sunburn. The main problem I had with this product is that it actually did more harm removing it than the sun would have done if I didn't apply this sunscreen to my body. I had to practically scrub this sunscreen off of my body. It left my body feeling very raw and swollen. Removing this cream from the sensitive skin on my face resulted in a lot of new acne and a red swollen face. I definitely wouldn't recommend Burt's Bees Sunscreen SPF 15 Natural with Hemp to anyone looking for a decent sunscreen because it does more damage than the sun.

Westchester, IL


Good alternative to sunscreens full of chemicals


I normally try to use natural products because I'm not a fan of chemicals, but sometimes I have a hard time spending the extra money on natural products. In the past, I've used Burt's Bees Sunscreen SPF 15 Natural with Hemp a few times. It always works well for me, but I don't really like sunscreens that you have to apply like a lotion. If this was in an aerosol can, I think I'd be more likely to recommend it to others. This sunscreen does a good job of keeping my skin from getting burned, but since it's only SPF 15 I make sure to reapply it frequently. I wish this came in a more powerful SPF so I wouldn't have to reapply it as often during the day, but for short times spent outside it works well. Since I tend to have sensitive skin, I like that this is gentle enough for frequent use. I don't have to worry about getting irritated skin, and I also don't have to worry about artificial chemicals being placed on my skin. Although this isn't readily available at all grocery stores and larger places like WalMart, I don't have a problem purchasing it at my local Natural foods store.





  Burt's Bees Sunscreen SPF 15-natural with Hemp is a TERRIBLE sunscreen. It should really be called a sunblock, because that is what it is. It does not rub in and it does not rub off. In fact, if you rub it too much it starts to flake, and then you get to see what sunscreen and dead skin looks like in little tiny balls on your face. There are so many great natural sunscreens out there--don't waste your money on this one. The only pro about this sunscreen is that it's less hazardous to your health than other sunscreens. But even then, it only earned a six out of ten from the Cosmetics Safety Database, and a lot of other natural sunscreens have scored much better. While most of the ingredients are benign, it does have fragrance in it, which is a big no no. The Cosmetics Safety Database is located at http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com. Do not waste your money on this sunscreen. JASON and All Terrain make MUCH better ones.

Brunswick, ME


Burt's Bees is the worst sunscreen I have ever tried!


What could be better than slathering  a Burt's Bees product with spf all over your skin, right?  Wrong. Oh, so wrong.  First of all, when I opened the tube, the smell  was a total turn off.  I've never smelled a sunscreen that smelled this bad.  Trust me, you don't want to smell like this.  I still tried it though, hoping the smell would go away once the lotion was absorbed into my skin. Wrong again. This sunscreen wouldn't budge.  I had to really work to get this into my skin, and it still smelled! I was really surprised that Burt's Bees would make such a product, that smelled terrible, and you have to rub yourself raw just to get it into your skin.  I don't know why I didn't take it back, and get my money back. I should have. As a matter of fact, I still have it, but after I get through with this review, I'm tossing it. I know I will never be able to handle that smell and hard rubbing, and I don't know anyone who want this stuff!

Yukon, OK


Burt's Bees Sunscreen SPF 15 Natural with Hemp

1.8 5