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Burton Spa
Burton Spa Crystal Nail File

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Burton Spa, everything we do is about making your world healthy


Just for you, we have a fabulous line of pampering products, starting with Burton's Crystal Files, Burton Spa's original and patented nail files from Europe. Made of the finest Bohemian Crystal, Burton's Crystal Files are everything you need in a nail file.


Saint Paul Park, MN


No more yucky germy nail files.


**The Verdict:**  I love the way CrystalFiles gently and quickly file my nails into the shape I want without that yucky sandpapery feeling. **About CrystalFiles:**  Crystal Files are actually made of crystal.  They come in a rainbow of colors from blue to clear.  They come in several sizes from 3.5 inches all the way up to 8 inches.  **My experience:**  I'm always breaking a nail so I keep nail files all over the house and in my purse so I can find one when I need it.  But what I don't like about typical cardboard nail files is the harsh sandpapery feeling when I'm using them.  Sometimes I just file and file away but there is still roughness and before too long I've filed my nail down to nothing.  And then there's the fact that cardboard nail files wear out and hold onto germs and nasties. So a few months ago I saw CrystalFiles when I was at the beauty supply store and decided to give them a try.  I picked up the 5 inch clear file and loved it from the first use.  Although it is made of crystal and only just millimeters thick, it seems quite strong but treats my nails gently.  The "grit" on this file is perpetual so it won't wear off.  Although the grit seems fine, it is quite effective; more effective than I thought it would be based on the way it feels.  I can quickly file my nails without that yucky sandpaper feeling and the strong thick file doesn't bend in my hand. I can apply the slightest pressure and file effectively without taking my nails down farther than I'd like.  They are also effective on fake nails. Another nice thing is that, unlike cardboard files, Crystal Files can be sterilized so you only have to buy one and with proper care it will last a lifetime.  You can wash, boil, or sterilize them in a solution and they'll come out good as new. Just don't use them as screwdrivers as they will break in half.  If you don't believe me, ask Mr. Bugg.  He used one of mine as a screwdriver and snapped it right in half and heard an earful from me when I found out.  **Final thoughts:**  Crystal Files are a bit pricey but if you take care of them they'll last for many years so the cost balances out after time.  I buy mine at Beauty First but they are also available on www.crystalfiles.com. 


Annapolis, MD


Burton Spa Crystal Nail File

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