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Bunn Pourover Coffee Maker with Warmers

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Worst coffee makers ever!!!!!


Bunn, what a waste. They have the worst coffee makers of all time. If you want a quality coffee maker I suggest that you go to Curtis. A family owned company with 4 generations working there. Bunn has been a competitor with Curtis for many years, but Curtis has always had the first foot forward for years. It doesnt matter if Bunn has their own private jet, Curtis has always been number one since 1941. Wilbur Curtis saw big things for his company and now it's in the top of the list of coffee brewer maker companies. I hate Bunn so much that when I see one I have to puke. I have been a faithful companion to Curtis for many years they have top of the line technology in all of their machines. They were the first to come out with digitally enhanced brewers. Bunn now has to buy parts from Curtis. Bunn is now one of Curtis' biggest customers. What's wrong Bunn? Need to have a real coffee company help you out? So why waste money on a piece of crap. Get a top chart wonder at Curtis. Curtis is the BEST. Bunn Sucks, Period.

Granada Hills, CA


slow maker...


This is the bunn coffeemaker that we use at work, and I'm kind of disappointed by it. We have heard good reviews about Bunn, but not all of them are created equal. I have another bunn cofeemaker I used at home, and it's the best coffeemaker that I have used, it's nothing compare to the one we use at work. First of all, this VP17 is very slow. As with most people, the first thing I go to work is make coffee, then went back to my desk to gather everything and get ready to work. Then go back to the coffeemaker and it's just about done making coffee, this would usually be 10mins later. The one I use at home takes about 5mins at the most. If you're an impulse drinker like me, this isn't the one for you. I like to drink my coffee when I want to drink it, making it is the time I don't want to wait. This thing is hard to clean also, it's big and many places to leave coffee all over the place. The temperature is ok, not too hot not too cold. It doesn't have the automatic turn off that most home brand has however so that's a downside.

Gold Canyon, AZ


Bunn Commercial Coffeemaker - great for home


My husband is the coffee man in our household and he recently, after much begging, bought this.  It is compact but bigger than most coffeemakers you would have in your kitchen.  I must confess that I love the coffee it makes and the convenience of being able to make coffee so quickly.  The heated water inside the coffeemaker is what is used to make the coffee when you pour new water in so it brews instantly.  I don't think it is very energy efficient since the water is heated constantly and you will hear the heater go on and off.  Clean up of the filter basket and plastic carafe is very easy - just soap and water - and the unit gets wiped down to stay clean.  The unit is attractive to look at and now sits in the corner of our counter so it really is not obtrusive but I would recommend that anyone making this purchase look at the measurements and check that it will fit where they want it.  We had to adjust one of the kitchen cabinet doors to get it to fit.

Mahwah, NJ


Bunn Pourover Coffee Maker with Warmers

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