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Bunn Pourover Coffee Maker with Warmers

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Keeps Me Going!


This is the coolest coffee machine ever! We have several of these machines stationed throughout the office where I work and boy oh boy, do I love 'em! It is super easy to prepare a quick pot in these machines. With the way the water fill operates, there is no need to measure how much water is needed when preparing each pot because the machine already knows. Plus, you can use a perfectly portioned bag of coffee inside that collaborates perfectly with the pre-measured water fill. The multiple burners is perfect for a large office because it is the perfect way to please everyone working who prefers drinking regular or decaf coffee. All you need to do is brew and move to the alternate burner of your choice so you can have different types going all at once. Plus, you are less likely to run out and have to use company time brewing pot after pot when working in a very large office with folks like myself that need that jolt to keep us going! Thanks BUNN, you make my day! Brew Performance Brews outstanding coffee in a flash! Ease of Cleaning Easy to maintain! Ease of Use Fun and easy to use. Design Extremely well-designed, great for offices! Durability The BUNN 3-Way Burner Coffee Maker has industrial strength durability, built to last forever!




Perfect for family who loves coffee


Very nice for a large family gathering where coffee is the main thing to drink. I bought this from a restaurant that was upgrading their coffee system and I have to say it works very well still. Brew Performance Being that it was used in a restaurant everyday it brews a little bit slower from wear and tear but it is perfect for getting multiple pots of coffee. Ease of Cleaning Cleaning is the easiest, just run distilled vinegar in it once in a while and the system is clean. Ease of Use Very nice to use during the holiday season for large family occasions. It can be slow at times but again it was used for years at a restaurant and has wear and tear. Design The design is nice, the filter part likes to stick now and again but being as old as it is I cant complain it is a wonderful design. Only thing I wish it had was the stop brew if the pot is lifted off the plate. Durability The brewing station of the coffee maker is wonderful, I have had to replace a pot because of a crack but other than that it has been a great asset to have here at home.




A fast brewing coffee maker!


If you are looking for a fast brewing commercial coffee maker, this Bunn delivers. It has three decanters, and three warming plates. It brews a full pot of coffee in just a few minutes! Brew Performance This machine brews FAST, and depending on the quality of the coffee you use, it brews an excellent cup. Bunn machines are often used in restaurants, but we have this model in our church basement and I make coffee with it for our Sunday coffee hour fellowship time. Ease of Cleaning The machine is stainless steel and is very easy to clean. There is no special plumbing required, and the decanters are very easy to rinse out and wash clean as well. Ease of Use Since different people make coffee for our church, it is essential that we have a coffee maker that is simple and easy to use. This one is a no brainer! Simply pour the water into the top and it immediately starts to brew into the decanter below. Place your full pot on one of the warming plates and you are ready to make another pot! Design This takes up a lot of counter real estate, and it looks fairly plain - but for commercial use that really doesn't make much difference. Durability We've used this machine for many months now and it is holding up great. I hope it lasts for many many years like our previous Bunn machine did.


Eagle River, AK


Bunn Pourover Coffee Maker with Warmers

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