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Bunn MCP 1.25-Cup Coffee Maker

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Great Espresso maker and easy to use


This coffee maker is great it keeps water hot in the resivour which is great for making a quick cup of hot tea, an espresso coffee, and leave out the pod or bag if you just want some hot water for cocoa. We make our own pods out of wet coffee filter and then fill the pods with our favorite brand of coffee, which saves us tons of money. My husband thought this machine was a necessity and I didn't think so but no other cup of coffee tastes the same. There is something about the way it forces water through the pod that makes if frothy and unique. It is a much for cost effective machine then buying those plastic cups that go in other machines and it is more eco friendly as well. It comes with two different pod holders, one designated for tea and one for coffee and they snap in out out easily, and clean up easily too. We find that we waste less grounds using this machine and it makes a stronger cup of coffee which makes for a more robust flavor. Brew Performance It is quick and hot, all of the things one would desire from a coffee machine. Ease of Cleaning The pod holders snap in and out easily for rinsing. Also there is an overflow basin made from plastic with a metal plate that comes out easily for dumping excess liquid/ spills and its so easy to clean. Ease of Use At first it took some getting used to the hold pod thing, but after you get the hang of how different it functions from a normal machine, its a breeze. There is a simple button that lights up to tell you when it needs more water, and another one to let you know when it is heating up and not ready. Two button system is pretty easy. Design Its really a no mess machine it is sleek, and is not an eye sore on the counter. The water pour area is so easy to access we use our sink hose sprayer to refill it. Durability This thing is used a lot and over a year it is going strong with no malfunctions. The only thing is if you put too much coffee in the pod and then snap it in place it tends to stick so you need to make sure it clicks into place and you don't overfill your pod if you are making them homemade.

Toledo, OH


Bunn MCP 1.25-Cup Coffee Maker

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