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Bunn BTX-B 10-Cup ThermoFresh Home Coffee Brewer


BTXB Features: -Stainless steel vacuum insulated carafe keeps coffee hot without overheating.-Unbreakable double wall carafe is dishwasher safe.-Convenient close-and-brew lid.-No warmer needed.-Brews 10 cups of perfect coffee in 3 minutes.-Produces exceptional, cafe quality coffee.-Stainless steel tank holds ready-to-brew hot water.-Internal thermostat keeps water at ideal brewing temperature.-Patented sprayhead design improves coffee flavor extraction.-Vacation switch turns tank heat off.-Decanter holds 50 ounces (10 cups).

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Bunn BTX-B 10-Cup ThermoFresh Home Coffee Brewer


The Bunn 10-Cup ThermoFresh Home Coffee Brewer was an average coffee maker. I wasn't impressed with the machine at all. It did an average job; just like all the other 10-cup machines out there. I didn't find anything outstanding about the coffeemaker or the coffee it made. I found that for me it took to long to make the coffee itself. I like to grab my coffee and go. This machine didn't fit that qualification. It took several minutes to have enough coffee for me to leave the house with. I was looking for a machine that made the coffee faster. On the other hand it wasn't a terrible machine either. It made the coffee as promised. And as long as you aren't in a rush the coffee was done in a reasonable time frame. The product itself was above average just not outstanding Brew Performance The Bunn ThermoFresh Coffee Brewer did a good job as far as brewing the coffee. Its not incredibly fast but it brews the coffee well. its not a complicated brewing process in this machine. Ease of Cleaning This machine is very easy to clean. This is one of the best parts of this coffeemaker. It came apart reasonably easy and cleaned very well. The pieces that went in the dishwasher cleaned well also. I found the cleaning experience of this machine to be very easy and efficient. Ease of Use In terms of coffeemakers this one is outstanding as far as ease of use. It wasn't complicated at all. Design The modern design of this machine was great. And it is designed to use and use often. It is also designed well for taking apart to clean and put back together, all very easy. Durability The durability was quite amazing. We moved it several times and dropped pieces of the machine also, the pieces never broke. To my amazement it continued to work. I would say it is extremely durable.




Bunn BTX-B 10-Cup ThermoFresh Home Coffee Brewer

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