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Bunker Hill
Bunker Hill - Driveway Alert System

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Best for indoor use away from windows


I bought one of these to give me a heads up when someone comes up my outside stairs. I set it up this morning and it worked well until this afternoon when it got windy out. Even though I positioned it so it did not see trees or other items that move in the wind, it was beeping constantly. It only stopped when the breeze stopped. If this unit had some way to reduce sensitivity it might be more useful, but as it is I can't recommend it for outside use. It might work indoors, though it false triggers even when placed inside facing out a closed window. I also tried reducing sensitivity by adding thick tape in front of the sensor. It still false triggered constantly. I'll keep working on this to see if there is a solution.



Great little gadget


The Bunker Hill Wireless Driveway Alert System is an inexpensive little gadget that in the right situation works perfectly. It requires one 9 volt for the transmitter(outside part) and three C batteries for the reciever, battery life seems OK but that depends on how busy your diveway is I guess. The claimed range is two hundred feet, I have mine right around that distance but the reciever sit next to a large bay window and I can see the transmitter, so i don't know how much that helps. I do not have any issues with the range. The only thing you have to take in to consideration is how annoying this can be. If anything move close to it it goes off, trees, animals, anything. I you mount near a tree and the wind blows, it goes off. Also you should not mount it in direct sunlight because it can false. It works well but it takes planning to figure out where to mount. Rain does not seem to be an issue, but snow does.

Galena, OH


Bunker Hill Driveway Alert System


I bought this Bunker Hill Driveway Alert from harborfreight.  You can check out at harborfreight.com. I need this alert because I like to leave my garage door open especially during summer.  The alert alarm is very loud which is good because I can hear it while in the bedroom or any part of the house.  It requires a 9V battery. Last summer I was doing some painting work in the basement and decided to get another of this alert while I left the basement door opened as I do not want to breathe in too much paint odor.   It gives me a peace of mind because while I am taking a breather, I can still let the basement door open. My area is pretty safe so this alert is more to alert me of any stray cats coming in.  I suppose this thing is called driveway alert because some people stay in those secluded area and they need to know who comes near to their driveway. So far I am happy with my purchase. note: picture is from harborfreight.com

Cumberland, RI


Bunker Hill - Driveway Alert System

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