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Bummis Organic Cotton Diapering Kit Diapers

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Bummis is a great brand


This kit is an easy starter kit for a family new to cloth diapering. This kit comes with organic cotton diapers, included in the box are some sturdy and great looking waterproof covers, flushable and reusable liners, and a wetbag which can double as a diaper pail. The kit contains: o 18 baby size Organic Cotton Prefold diapers (4 x 8 x 4 layers thick) the prefolds that come with it are Indian Unbleached prefolds. o 2 Super Whisper Wraps - medium o 2 Super Brites - medium o 1 roll Bio-Soft liners - large o 5 reusable Fleece Liners o Fabulous Wet Bag - large which is available exclusively in the Kit o User Guide The others are basically prefolds and I love prefolds and contours for a newborn. You can really customize the fit. The price seems really good for all you get too. I would definitely recommend this kit, but I would just be sure there is nothing else out there that you like before you buy this. Green Mountain Diapers also makes great prefolds, and I would recommend looking at different covers as well. I love Bummis covers, but Thirsties and Proraps also have good covers worth examining and trying. Also, not everyone loves prefolds, and some would prefer using a pocket diaper or all in one instead.

Los Angeles, CA


Easy to use and a great value!


Before using the Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit I was a little hesitant about prefolds. I thought they were too much work, not absorbent enough, and too bulky. Yet I decided to give this kit a try since I'd heard great things about it. Immediately it changed the way I thought and felt about prefolds because it was so much easier than I thought it would be! I love that I have the flexibility of using different folds (and the user guide gives instructions!) and that the organic cotton prefolds are VERY absorbent. Plus the covers are thick and fit perfectly. I've been using this kit for months with no leaks or irritation! I was also impressed with how great of a value this kit is! I typically get several diaper changes out of one cover and there are plenty of prefolds to make it through a day. On top of that, the wet bag is wonderful for collecting dirty diapers for a load of laundry. The Bio-soft liners are really a time and mess saver, I don't have to bother with the extra steps to clean a poop soiled diaper because the liners catch the mess and are easily disposed of. I recommend this kit for anyone that wants to start cloth diapering because you have everything you need right here! Or anyone that is looking for an affordable way to build up a diaper stash.

Clarksville, TN


Bummis Organic Cotton Diapering Kit Diapers

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